Lutfur Rahman re-elected as Mayor of Tower Hamlets for four more years

Congratulations to Mayor Lutfur Rahman on his election victory. Like him or loathe him Lutfur is the Mayor so residents of our fab borough had better get used to it.

Labour’s John Biggs has been denied the chance to dismantle the divisive policies of Tower Hamlets First but not for lack of trying. Anyone who has met Mr Biggs over the last few weeks will have been impressed by his fortitude, decency and good humour that was the hallmark of his campaign.

If you voted for Mr Biggs you should brace yourself for more bad news later today. Due to the ridiculous amount of time it took to get the result of the Mayoral election the results of the local election for ward councillors is still unannounced.

Brace yourself Wapping

Word at the Troxy count venue last night was that key members of the Tower Hamlets Labour Party may have fallen victim to well organised targeted campaigns by Tower Hamlets First. This raises the possibility that the Labour opposition to Tower Hamlets First in the Council chamber may have been gutted.

In a nutshell Mayor Lutfur has been re-elected and his main opposition may have been severely weakened.

Results when they are published.

While we wait for those here are some facts from last nights Mayoral count. All information taken from the official Tower Hamlets council results page. 

Tower Hamlets Mayoral election 2014 official results

BANERJI Reetendra NathLiberal Democrat1,959
BIGGS JohnThe Labour Party Candidate34,143
CHOUDHURY Reza ShoaibIndependent205
KADIR Hafiz AbdulIndependent162
KHAN Mohammed Kowaj AliIndependent164
MCQUEEN NicholasUK Independence Party (UKIP)4,819
PIERRE HugoTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition871
RAHMAN LutfurTower Hamlets First37,395
SMITH ChrisGreen Party4,699
WILFORD ChristopherThe Conservative Party Candidate7,173

Lutfur Rahman received 43.38 % of the first preference votes and 11.64 % of second preference votes. The re-elected Mayor will formally take up his post from midnight on May 26, 2014.

Further reading.

If, like many, you are trying to work out what happened yesterday I recommend reading the news stories below. Suffice to say that even those at the count were confused. Including me.


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