Town Hall raid ‘excellent boost to campaign’ says Wapping candidate.

What was your reaction to yesterday’s news that the Town Hall was raided by the DCLG at 8am?

Orwellian Doublespeak

“An excellent boost to our campaign as we can clear the air and set the record straight,” is the opinion of Stuart Madewell, ‘Tower Hamlets First’ candidate for Wapping.

No, it’s not 1st April again. And no I did not make it up. You don’t need to in Tower Hamlets.

As proof here’s a screen grab from the Facebook conversation I was having with Stuart.


Town Hall raid 'excellent boost to our campaign'
Town Hall raid ‘excellent boost to our campaign’


This is Orwellian ‘doublespeak’ of the first order. But it does give potential voters a good insight into how this particular candidate views the world.

Taking Stuart’s argument to its logical conclusion if the Tower Hamlets Town Hall is raided – sorry ‘visited’ – by the DCLG every Friday from now until the May local elections the Tower Hamlets First party will win 100% of the vote.

Possibly even 110%.

Few people in St Kath’s and Wapping are familiar with Stuart, so for your information here is a photo.

Mayor Lutfur's Action Team for SKD & Wapping.
Mayor Lutfur’s Action Team for SKD & Wapping.

Not sure if ‘Action Team’ is appropriate as it seems they couldn’t be bothered to walk down the road and have their photo taken in Wapping.

I am sure the Mayor would have given them a lift if they couldn’t be bothered to walk.


19 thoughts on “Town Hall raid ‘excellent boost to campaign’ says Wapping candidate.

  1. Robert you say “divide our community” but it is not your community is it……

          1. The definition of “community” can be a little stretched in our internet age but as a resident of LBTH I find a Newham resident stating that anything happening in LBTH divides “our community” a little suspect…..

          2. Do you think Robert should comment on LBTH issues using words like “divide our community” from his community in Newham?

          3. Yes I think he has every right to. I can’t speak for him but would think when he used the term ‘community’ he specifically means Tower Hamlets and Wapping in particular but also the East End as a whole and probably the whole of East London.

            As Robert says Respect / Tower Hamlets First try and divide our community (see above for definition) as they are devoid of ideas or ethics.

            I think it could also be logically argued that as Respect / Tower Hamlets First do not restrict their activities to one London borough but are at work in various parts of the UK the term ‘community’ could be used to describe our entire country.

          4. Well why not included the solar system…. Any ways up this conversation will go nowhere. Personally I find myself in a situation at the moment where my own community (a small portion of LBTH) is less divided than 4 years ago. Whether this is due to the works of the current LBTH administration or my own attempts personal growth is hard to say.

          5. I am not including the solar system as it would be stupid. Seems like you are giving up on your argument? So tell us who you are, what you do and where you do it.

          6. ‘So tell us who you are’ no certainly not! Do keep up your scrutiny of the Network Wapping pusch and the feedback from Communuty funding meets – I believe I read on your site that stuff turned up at the 2nd Wapping meeting that was not put forward at the 1st meeting. Same thing happened in my area. Enough for now…..

          7. Just thought I would give you the chance to identify yourself. I have a fairly rigorous policy of requiring anyone commenting on this blog, especially when they are critical of others, to identify themselves with a real name. Basic democratic principle, especially as any arguments or views you put forward are weakened – if not completely negated – by your refusal to stand up and be counted. Instead you seem quite happy to hide behind people like Robert Scott who do stand up and contest fundamental community issues with Respect / Tower Hamlets First. You then criticise people like Robert with weak semantic arguments. If your ‘personal growth’ attempts ever bear fruit and you do decide to discard your anonymity let us all know.

          8. I have lived in Tower Hamlets for 26 years. Two exceptions. Once when I moved to Loughborough for University and the second time when I moved to Leeds to complete a Masters. I have never lived full time anywhere else, even when I was working in Europe.

            This is exactly what I mean about ‘dividing our community’. The problem I have with Respect/Independents and I suspect you fall into that category is they refuse to debate issues, record or policy. I made a statement, Rather than challenge me on it you thought it was better to say that I live in Newham. What is that based on?

            Respect/Lutfur Rahman and ‘Tower Hamlets First’ thrive off of division. They only exist as political entities because of division. Respect because of the War. Lutfur Rahman was expelled from a political party. Tower Hamlets First is his new toy. All of it is based on division.

            Whether it is appealing to gender, or ethnic groups or religion, different neighbourhoods or ‘community politics’ the strategy is the same. Play one group off against another. That is how Respect won in 2005/2006. That is how Lutfur Rahman won in 2010 and that is what he is trying to repeat.

  2. The reason why they love scandal is it presents them with an opportunity to divide our community and rally the troops. Many people read the papers or watch the News and are disgusted by what they read and hear. Too many say: to hell with all of them and do not vote. That is exactly what Respect/Tower Hamlets First Want. Hold your nose and vote.

    A higher turnout is their worst enemy. The more mud that is in the air the lower turnout will be. Lutfur Rahman’s supporters are energised and itching to get to the polls. If you want him out then you need to vote.

    1. I completely agree with you. Everyone needs to get out and vote. And make sure you suggest to five friends or neighbours that they vote too. If ever right minded person who reads this did that it could swing the result. The upcoming election is not about party politics, it is about the democratic political process. If you believe in democracy vote for the candidates who believe in it too.

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