London Marathon – Wapping in Lock Down

It’s that time of year when Wapping becomes an island again.

Sunday 13th April is London Marathon day so if you were thinking of going anywhere north of the Highway – don’t.

Wapping Lock Down

For full details of the Great Wapping Lock Down have a look at the Transport for London site here.

Text below is taken from the TfL site and is correct as of 11.35 hrs  10 April 2014 but don’t blame us if it changes. Check the TfL page as above.


Residents of Wapping are enclosed by the route as it passes along The Highway between miles 13 to 14 and again on the opposite carriageway between miles 21 to 22.

Bishop Challoner School will provide a free, secure, overnight parking facility on its premises for use by local residents.

The car park will be in operation from 16:00 on Saturday 12 April until 16:00 on Sunday 13 April.

Access to the school is via Commercial Road and Steels Lane. Residents can leave their cars and return on foot at any time while the road closures are in place to collect vehicles for exit to the north via Commercial Road, open eastbound and westbound.

Residents are advised to use the pedestrian subway at the junction of The Highway and Glamis Road.

In addition, a vehicle crossing point will operate while the road closures are in place at the junction of The Highway and Glamis Road, allowing entry and exit north and south.

Residents are advised that while there are runners on both carriageways of The Highway (between approximately 10:00-13:30) it will not be possible for vehicles to cross.

Wapping Overground Open

We have checked with the nice people at the station and Wapping Overground will be open on Sunday – the only way in or out!

Party Time

Upside of Marathon day in Wapping is that you can wander around with less fear of getting zapped by some boy racer and just wander up to the Highway and enjoy the party atmosphere.

And even better ,once the Marathon is over there are far less runners in Wapping’s streets – so you are less likely to get zapped by them too.



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