High Speed Internet Starts To Crawl Across Wapping

Much excitement in <heart> Wapping HQ this morning after reading a little tweet from Wapping resident James Dunbar linking to this page on the Telephone Exchange site which states:

Wapping Exchange Is Fibre Enabled

Exciting news for customers who are connected to the Wapping exchange, as most customers on this exchange can now upgrade from ADSL to fibre internet, including BT Infinity and Plusnet. Check to see if your street cabinet has been enabled for fibre (FTTC) here.

Upgrade to BT Infinity before Saturday 12th April 2014 and new BT customers will receive a £50 Sainsbury’s Gift Card if they sign up to BT Infinity. Faster connections are guaranteed via BT Infinity and Plusnet’s fibre products compared to ADSL.

Huh? High speed internet and a Sainsbury’s freebie? Do BT think they need to encourage people to get fibre connections?

Don’t get too excited

It would seem that BT fibre is being rolled out across Wapping one cabinet at a time (cabinet being the thing that lines from exchange come into then back out along streets).

James is on cabinet 5 so he can get fibre.

<heart> Wapping HQ is on cabinet 12 so I can’t yet.

James lives just south of 21 Wapping Lane so that might be a factor, whereas <heart> Wapping HQ is just down the road on the Green Bank estate.

If you want to check if you can get fibre and what cabinet you are connected to pop your landline number into the BT Broadband Availability Checker site.

So it looks like high speed fibre internet is coming to Wapping. But very, very slowly.

Thanks James

Many thanks to James Dunbar for the tip!



4 thoughts on “High Speed Internet Starts To Crawl Across Wapping

  1. Any news on this? I live on Wapping High Street but no sign of fibre from the checker. I did try Relish 4G which worked fine outside my front door for 30mbps inside was only 5mbps though.

  2. No joy on Wapping High Street. The availability checker doesn’t give me a cabinet no. though, which I assume means we’re on an exchange only line (so I probably shouldn’t expect to get fibre anytime soon).

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