Egyptian Geese are back on Wapping Canal

The Egyptian Geese are back! Photos below.

At first glance our Wildlife Rangers thought these were the same pair who visited Wapping last year, especially as they waddled towards me obviously after food.

Then the Wildlife Rangers realised they were a different pair. Their head colouring is much lighter and neither of them is ringed.

Goose snacks

After a quick snack they had a quick bath and an extra long preening session.

All seemed calm until – Egyptian Goose number three turned up! Oops.


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Several short chases then ensued, sometimes the pair chasing the lone goose, then the lone goose chasing the pair.

There was lots of splashing of water, wings splayed, but no harm done. And of course the familiar Egyptian Goose call that is best described as… well. A clockwork train sound?

By the time the Wildlife Rangers had to head back to base things were calm.

It would be easy to think that the single goose was an intruder but our Wildlife Ranger (Goose Identification Division) thinks they might be all one family because of the similarity in markings. The adults often force their offspring away, although this did not happen with the previous pair of Egyptian Geese.

Wildlife Ranger Tony says he has seen these three at Mile End so they may just be visiting.

Become a Wildlife Ranger

Either way please keep an eye out for the geese and all the other wildlife on the canal and the Basin and river. We can all do our bit to keep them safe and out of the hands of (human) predators.