Bats and pheasants in Wapping E1W

Wow! Bats and pheasants are alive and well in Wapping! How cool is that?

Within the space of 24 hours two of Wapping’s finest wildlife rangers – you know who you are Sam and Martine – reported some amazing sightings.

Bats in Wapping

First Sam told me about the bats in the gardens of Portland Square (just south of canal by John Orwell). Apparently they are best seen at twilight.

Big eared townsend bat (Corynorhinus townsendii)
Big eared townsend bat (Corynorhinus townsendii)

And pheasants too

Then this evening Martine sent me a message after seeing a pheasant in Waveney Gardens (west end of canal by Vaughan Way).

I have to admit that Chris (who looks after the canal) told me that he had seen a dead pheasant in Wapping Woods. Chris knows his wildlife better than anyone so I knew his report was accurate. But Martine’s second sighting confirms it.

Pheasants in Wapping? Photo by Gary Noon
Pheasants in Wapping? Photo by Gary Noon

So the question is – what on earth is a pheasant doing in Wapping?

And remember last year someone bumping into a group of people doing a bat survey near the Captain Kidd one evening? Seems they were looking in the wrong place.

This is all great news for wildlife in Wapping and our borough.

New wheels

By way of celebration the Love Wapping Wildlife Division has ordered a new patrol vehicle. A Batmobile!

Well, what else?

Note: ‘Portman Square’ changed to ‘Portland Square’ as some of the bats – and at least one human resident – were getting lost as I had written the wrong address. Apologies.


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