Wapping Community Champions meeting – what projects were chosen?

Last week the second Community Champions meeting took place at the Hurtado Centre.

The first meeting a little while back identified areas that residents wanted to fund.

This meeting was to select four specific projects for funding from the £10,000 allocated to Wapping.

The Love Wapping Voting Scrutiny Team (Community Events Branch) only managed to get to the meeting about half way through (because the entire team was at another community meeting).

Checking the votes.
Checking the votes.

A very well organised event

Again our team was impressed by the organisation of the event by Council officers although not surprised at all by the enthusiasm and professionalism of our Community Champions Christine and Gren.

Possible projects and costs laid out for examination.
Possible projects and costs laid out for examination.

The voting process was based on three rounds and was quite sophisticated. All votes were tallied and the count scrutinised.

Our team were all of the opinion that this might well be the fairest and most democratic vote to take place in Tower Hamlets this year.

And the winners are…

The results of the voting was as follows:

  • Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme – £1,800
  • Business Hub / Advice Centre – £3,300
  • Raine House improvements – £2,900
  • Wapping Walking Group* – £2,000

No doubt full details of each of these projects will be published on the Council website in due course.

Next time come along and have your say

Christine checking the votes.
Christine checking the votes.

Now it has to be said that there were only seven people at the meeting. But Love Wapping’s view is that these were the people who thought it important to attend so that’s fair. If you couldn’t be bothered to attend – tough. Next time make time and come along.

Once projects are underway there will be a third meeting to update everyone on progress.

This is likely to be in the summer I should think as apparently there are some other voting things going on in May.

*Disclosure: None of the Love Wapping volunteers voted for the Wapping Walking Group either at this meeting or the previous meeting. 

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