BBC Panorama Monday 31 March 8.30 PM – suggest a title

As both regular readers of Love Wapping know we always make a point of highlighting interesting events happening concerning Tower Hamlets.

So our TV Reviewer (Documentary Genre) would be guilty of dereliction of duty if he did not remind you that the BBC Panorama team may well have something worth watching on Monday 31st March at 8.30 PM.

BBC Panorama Monday 31st March 8.30 PM

There you go! Even turned it into a headline. Nice touch huh?

Obviously Love Wapping has no idea whatsoever of the content of the BBC Panorama documentary and will not indulge in idle speculation.

We will however be indulging in diligent speculation.

Although with no inside knowledge of what the Panorama people have been up to it is a bit tricky to speculate.

So here are some wild guesses for the title of Monday’s Panorama documentary.

Programme Titles for Plagiarising (hint)

You never know, if the Panorama production team reads Love Wapping they might even use one of our ideas! How cool would that be?

So here are our very best suggestions:

  • Tower Hamlets – it’s quite nice a nice place to be honest
  • Famous squirrels of Wapping, a life in nuts
  • Why are there no lime trees in Limehouse?
  • The Highway –  London’s most dangerous road if you lived 200 years ago!
  • The Battle of Cable Street was in Mint Street really
  • Bromley-by-Bow – the reason it is nowhere near Bromley
  • Banglatown’s poppadom racket exposed

Well that should cover most eventualities.

There is of course the remote possibility that none of these titles may be near the mark.

But the only way to be sure is to watch BBC Panorama on Monday 31st March 8.30 PM and find out.






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