Rough sleepers opposite 21 Wapping Lane

UPDATE 02:15 hrs Monday 10 March 2014

MPS Tower Hamlets attended this location and have dealt with this incident. They will be checking this area the next few nights to make sure the area is clear.

Below are two photos I took this evening of two people sleeping rough opposite 21 Wapping Lane.

This is in the area behind the wooden fence that runs along the canal path and the south end of the multi-storey car park.

In the top photo you can (or maybe not) make out one person asleep. In the lower photo he is joined by one other.


Police were informed (natch) but please call 101 and report these people if you see them again.

This issue at this location was also raised at the local policing Ward meeting the other week.

It’s sad reflection on our society that people have to live rough in our city. And in an area such as Wapping where many nice flats stand empty.

Please don’t condemn people who sleep rough – all of us are but two steps away from having to do the same thing.

More on this issue shortly.

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