Love Wapping is closing down

Hello. And goodbye.

I can deal with the idiots who use fake Twitter profiles to abuse me or anyone else for my views.

There are so obviously politically motivated and so obviously the same person that they can just be ignored.

But when I get abusive and rude comments on Twitter from Wapping residents – have a look at tweets directed my way recently and you can work out who – I just ask myself why I bother?

Love Wapping is free to you. It costs me. That’s my choice.

Quite often it becomes a full time job. Doing each post is quite a lengthy process in itself but there is of course the research that goes into it as well.

And then there is all the stuff that goes on which never sees the light of day. It all takes a lot of time.

If people respect the basic norms of society (the politeness thing) I am quite happy to listen to all views.

But when it starts to get nasty AND PEOPLE INSIST ON USING BLOCK CAPS LIKE THIS SO THEY ARE SHOUTING I have been wondering why I bother.

Yes I know the vast majority of you are lovely people, but you are the silent majority.

It’s the bitter and twisted vocal minority that are the problem.

So that’s me done.

7 thoughts on “Love Wapping is closing down

  1. Mark, just landed on your site after following the valuable data trail left by ‘Kay’ on Ted Jeory’s blog. I’m the UKIP Candidate for St Katharine’s & Wapping ward. Plse refer to my credentials here:

    Don’t close. You are providing a very valuable resource to our community. Don’t be disheartened…’Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly — they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.’

    You’ve been wounding the dystopian foe too effectively, that’s all; the wounded can do little but hurl abuse. Abuse doesn’t piece the armour of integrity.

    Don’t close..

    1. ‘Kay’ data trail? no idea what that is. Will have a look at Ted’s blog.
      As you can see I have not closed but for the immediate future am operating on a more restricted basis, hence the unsual mix of wildlife and local politics. (Reading that I suppose there is a common theme…)

  2. Please don’t let the minority spoil your obvious enthusiasm for investigating local issues. There are many, many more people who appreciate your work than don’t. Block the haters! We all love you #comebacklovewapping

  3. This is very sad to read. As always the minority ruin it for the majority. I hope you may reconsider this decision. Your website is highly valued by many.

  4. Very sorry to read this. I thoroughly enjoy your commentaries and look forward to your posts. I really hope you bounce back from this.

  5. I’m sorry to hear this Mark. There are lots of
    personalities but there should be room enough for everybody. Hopefully you’ll
    reconsider after a break.

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