A new Town Hall for Tower Hamlets. Not as interesting as squirrels.

Squirrels. That is what I would prefer to be writing about. Squirrels.

Because squirrels are (a) nice (b) funny (c) are completely honest about their motivation in life which is (d) nuts.

But instead of writing about squirrels the entire Love Wapping Town Hall Buildings (Development & Renewal Monitoring) Team has been diverted to write this.

So they intend to keep it short.

Old Royal London Hospital is site for new Tower Hamlets Town Hall (Image: Wikipedia)
Old Royal London Hospital is site for new Tower Hamlets Town Hall (Image: Wikipedia)

During the week Tower Hamlets Council  decided to proceed with a plan to buy the former site of the Old Royal London Hospital on Whitechapel Road and build a new town hall there. They call it a ‘civic centre’. Everyone else calls it a town hall.

You can start reading the paper trail on this decision at the LBTH Council website here. Enjoy. More links for background information at the bottom of the page.

But, I can hear you asking, why bother us with this? Who cares? Why didn’t you write about squirrels?

Well three reasons come to mind.

  1. The Council already has a Town Hall (although they do need to move out in the next few years)
  2. The Council is currently under investigation by the District Auditor for flogging off the Old Poplar Town Hall for little more than the price of a bag of chips. Shouldn’t they sort out this Town Hall issue  before they start another Town Hall issue?
  3. How can any honest person agree with the decision to build a new Town Hall when people in Wapping are being forced to live in social housing that is unfit for human habitation?

Just saying.

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