Mystery canvassers on Greenbank – time for the Electoral Commission to investigate?

Many thanks to Cllr. Kabir Ahmed (Independent / Tower Hamlets First) for refreshing my memory about Greenbankgate. I almost forgot!

For the full background to Greenbankgate, including why it is not called Frontgardengate, click here.

The only problem with Freedom of Information (FOI) requests is that they can take a little while to be processed and the response can be short.

Here is the response from the nice people at Tower Hamlets regarding one of my last (and one of my first to be honest) FOI requests to discover who the Mystery Canvassers of Greenbankgate worked for?

“I regret to inform you that the Council does not know the identities of the callers that you refer to.”

Thanks! But we knew that to be honest.

Thanks Alibor

One reason is that Cllr. Alibor Choudhury said so on film.

Quite why he couldn’t have told us this before I have no idea.

But as we like to pick nits here at Love Wapping HQ Cllr. Choudhury only admitted to the ladies in the car being part of his organisation.

The identities of the original three ladies who knocked on my door pretending to be from Tower Hamlets Homes when they weren’t is still unknown.

Some facts

What is known is this:

  • An investigation by Tower Hamlets Homes concluded that they were not their employees
  • An investigation by Tower Hamlets Council concluded that they were not their employees
  • Cllr. Alibor Choudhury stated on film in a Council meeting that the other two mysterious canvassers were part of his team

Hmm…. Where should the Wapping Mole dig next we wonder?

It’s almost as if the mysterious canvassers work for a political party. I wonder which one?

No point in asking Tower Hamlets Homes or Tower Hamlets Council. And I think discovering the truth of all this might be too big a job for the Wapping Mole.

Time for the Electoral Commission

So off to the Electoral Commission website to see what to do next. Says on the Electoral Commission website to go to the About My Vote website.

So I did then searched on ‘fraud’. And clicked on the top result. Which immediately took me back to…. the Electoral Commission!

Although to be fair the linked page on the Electoral Commission website didn’t exist. Maybe this is why there are so few prosecutions for electoral fraud in the UK – it’s so hard to report it.

So I think I will contact the Electoral Commission direct and see what they have to say.




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