Wapping Woods lighting – no need to panic, Peter is on the case.

It seems like only yesterday that Love Wapping was whinging and whining about the state of the lighting in Wapping Woods.

Probably because it was only yesterday.

Early this morning I started to get tweets from Peter, who is in charge of CCTV for Tower Hamlets, giving updates as to how he was on the case with the lighting in the Woods and getting things sorted.

This evening I got a call from Peter asking if I was free to go for a walk round the Woods and inspect the lights with him?

A nocturnal Wapping Wander

Alway keen to go for a Wapping Wander ten minutes later I met Peter in the Woods and he explained everything to me. Well, not the Meaning of Life, but all things CCTV and lighting.

We spent some time in the Woods and Peter explained what the situation is with the lighting.

Bottom line is he is on the case and there is no need to panic. Already some of the lights have been fixed and it looks better. Visibility is improved.

As with all things in life nothing is that simple and it is going to take a little more time to get everything perfect. But I feel completely confident that this is really, genuinely, absolutely being properly fixed.

Peter know his trade inside and out and showed it as he talked wattage, bandwidth, carbon emissions, IP addresses, trenches, junction boxes, CCTV, fibre optic, why orange lights are bad and white lights good and a zillion other things.

He even pointed out lights that he wants fixing / improving that I didn’t even know existed. Bet you didn’t either.

One of the many complications he has is that some of the lights, I think the ones in the north east corner, take their power from Tower Hamlets Homes and until they get that sorted (hint) he and his team can’t do much. There are also some lights at the bottom of the Woods by the car park that have the same issue (another hint).

The lighting along the Canal seems to have power but some of them aren’t working. I emphasised to Peter that a lot of people run / cycle / walk along there and so he is going to investigate further.

He is also not happy with the quality of lighting on the main path from The Highway straight down to Scandrett Street and Wapping Station and wants them improved. This will cost but apparently there may be some S106 money left from the 21 Wapping Lane development to fund this.

Apparently when the lights were first installed LED technology was in it’s infancy but now it is much better and while they are not cheap to install the newer ones are much, much cheaper to maintain and better for the environment.

CCTV is also not too far away from being completed, main part of the work is just pulling the new fibre optic cable through the newly dug trenches.

I have always been cynical of the benefits of CCTV but Peter told me that his CCTV team actively contribute to around 1,000 arrests a year. Nice work.

Thank you Peter and Robbie

So that’s it. Wapping Woods lighting not perfect today but it is being sorted.

So a big thanks to Peter!

And of course a big thanks to Robbie Scott (Twitter: @RobbieScott100) who hopes to be a new Labour Councillor for Wapping and St. Katharine Docks. Every vigilant to his twitter feed he had a chat with Peter first thing this morning and asked him to do his magic. 

UPDATE 16:12  28 JANUARY 2014

Just got this from the nice people at LBTH Contact Centre:

“I have spoken to our street lighting team who advise that this problem was caused due to power supply issues from neighbouring tower hamlets homes building. They have liaised with the contractors and confirm that the power was reinstated.”


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