The ‘Wapping Neighbourhood Planning Area’ is born.

Here we are once again wasting our time on Network Nuts. So let’s make it brief shall we as we all have more important things to do.

Well, I don’t, but it would be nice if I did.

Anyway because I am running around trying to do too many things I didn’t actually properly the read the LBTH web page I linked to yesterday. Fortunately Pootling Around did, but then he is clever and he can spool proper and even go 2 bukclubs.

If you did read some of the PDF documents on the page I mentioned yesterday then you would have found this:

“Network Wapping application:

3. Refuse to designate the Neighbourhood Planning Area submitted by Network
Wapping but designate part of the submitted area as the Wapping
Neighbourhood Planning Area (shown on the plan attached at appendix 1)
pursuant to Section 61G of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for the
reasons stated in section 1 of this report.

4. Refuse to designate Network Wapping as the Neighbourhood Planning Forum for
the designated Wapping Neighbourhood Planning Area pursuant to Section 61F
of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. This is because there remains
significant objection to the designation of Network Wapping as a Neighbourhood
Planning Forum demonstrating a lack of community cohesion in terms of
leadership for neighbourhood planning such that the Council is not satisfied that
the proposed forum are representative of the local community to an extent that
will lead to successful neighbourhood planning within the Wapping area.”

I think ‘a lack of community cohesion’ means that…. [Editors Note: You cannot write the next words. We can’t afford a lawyer. Who do you think we are, a national papers’s newsroom]

And I have wanted to write that for soooooooo long. Never mind.

So what this means is that Network Wapping is a dead zombie. So I suppose it is not a zombie anymore. Daryl did his crossbow thing and I think some of the others waded in with the assault rifles, pump shotguns, arrows and samurai swords.


And it is a big but.

There is nothing to stop Network Wapping from making a third application. Nowt. So it might still be a zombie. DARYL!!!!!!!!!!

What the people at LBTH Planners have done is the sensible logical thing and said “This is where the Wapping Neighbourhood Planning Area is.” See map below. Original here.


Wapping Neighbourhood Planning Area (Sensible version not including Croydon)
Wapping Neighbourhood Planning Area (Sensible version not including Croydon)


Now the really clever thing about the ‘Wapping Neighbourhood Planning Area’ map is that it is a map of – Wapping!


We can now safely say what we have always known, that if you live north of The Highway you do not live in Wapping.

It’s like if you live in France you don’t live in Dover. Or vice versa.

Let’s take the example of someone who lives in Swedenborg Gardens. Well that random person I just chose as an example of someone who does not live in Wapping does not live in Wapping. Clear? Crystal?

A victory for common sense

So to recap:

  • Network Wapping Neighbourhood Planning Application recommended to be formally rejected by the Council
  • Wapping Neighbourhood Planning Area recommended to be defined

Because you can define a Neighbourhood Planning Area without having a NPF for that area.

Clear? Good.

A hole to be filled?

However you have to wonder that as the nice people in Planning at LBTH have taken all this trouble to formally define our very own Neighbourhood Planning Area that maybe, just maybe, they would like some sensible people who believe in transparency, proper democratic process and publishing meeting minutes to fill that Area with a NPF?

Because if sensible people don’t do the sensible thing there is no reason why someone, say a self-employed architect who does not live, work or even visit Wapping, could gather some people together and… Well, you can guess the rest.

The really good thing about all this is that our friends at St Katharine Docks can sleep safe and sound tonight knowing that SKD has been removed from the WNPA as a result of the complete failure of NW to submit a coherent NPF to LBTH. (I put lots of acronyms in there to keep any legal people in SKD reading this happy.)

So for the moment that is it.

A big thank you (but no group hugs)

Firstly everyone in Wapping owes a big debt of gratitude to our neighbours in St Katharine Docks, Limehouse and the Save King Edward Memorial Park team for helping us sort all this nonsense out.

And last but by no means least the entire Love Wapping Urban Environments Planning  Team would like to thank the Planners at LBTH for their professionalism over the last year or so. You have been of immense help.

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