Network Wapping and the zombie NPF application

Avid viewers of The Walking Dead will know the only way to really kill a zombie is to shoot it in the head with a bullet.

Or chop it’s head off.

Or stab it in the brain with a big knife.

Or use a hunting crossbow to launch an arrow  right between the eyes.

None of these are nice. But they are all effective.

Cos once this sort of punishment has been dished out to one of the Undead they are, well, dead. Daryl (shown below) is well handy with a crossbow.

Daryl may be the only solution to Network Wapping
Daryl may be the only solution to Network Wapping

So I think we might need to take a similar robust approach to the ‘Would be funny if it wasn’t a such a pain group that is Network Wapping‘ and their most recent application to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum.

Dead but not buried

Now while I have no official confirmation I understand the latest Network Wapping NPF application is pretty much dead.

But not buried.

One of many problems (which Network Wapping ignored) was the size of the proposed NPF area. I think it stopped short of the entrance to Sydney Harbour.

But only just. Oh and another problem is the number of objections to the proposal.

Locality? Who?

However word reaches the offices of Love Wapping (not a national newspaper newsroom since ever) that Locality are trying to persuade Tower Councils to look more favourably on the Network Wapping application.

Who on earth are Locality, I hear you cry!

Well according to their site they are ‘the leading nationwide network of community-led organisations’.  Some government thing then.

Locality are also the people who gave Network Wapping £5,000 to irritate the hell out of everyone in Wapping by making a second NPF application which was as much as a waste of space as the previous one because it was pretty much identical.

Achieve the quota, ignore the residents

I can only presume that the Locality people have a quota of NPFs to get approved irrespective of due process, democratic process and plain common sense.

That can be the only reason why Locality would ignore the residents of Wapping to impose a NPF on us which is not wanted. At all. By anyone.

Being  reasonable types we would be only too glad to explain to Locality why we object to Network Wapping.

But first they would have to actually bother to ask our opinion.

That behaviour sound familiar?


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