And the identity of the Three Mysterious Canvassers is…


This morning I received a response to my FOI request (9653) to Tower Hamlets Council asking who the three nice ladies were who came knocking on my door.

This is the text of the response, PDF original is below for you to download.

” SFOI 9653 – Three women who knocked on my door

I would like to know the names of the three women who knocked on my door at 8 Frobisher House, Watts Street, Wapping, E1W 2PZ on or around the 7th of November 2013 saying they were from Tower Hamlets Homes and asking me how the Mayor of Tower Hamlets could help me. 

I would also like to know the organisation that the three women work for and in what capacity they are employed. 

Subsequent to the issues I raised with these women I have had several letters from the Mayor of Tower Hamlets with the following enquiry numbers: 

1-836770077 Lighting at Wapping Woods 

1-83676797 Estate Road 

I have made three separate telephone calls to the telephone number on the letters and original leaflet I was given to try and ascertain the identities of the three women with no success.

The response is as follows:

The Council does not hold the information sought regarding the identity of the callers to Frobisher House. They were not Council or Tower Hamlets Homes employees.”


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I have been watching  the most recent series of Sherlock on the BBC so I feel the most sensible thing to do is ask the occupants of 221B Baker Street to take this investigation forward.

Baker Street takes over

I think this is how Sherlock would have approached it (with apologies to Stephen Moffat):


So Watson the response to my FOI has turned up. About time.


And may I ask what the FOI response says?


You may indeed. I shall read it to you by osmosis.

[Holmes sticks FOI response letter to forehead]


Holmes, why not just read it? It’s simpler than osmosis and the response is only a two sentence paragraph.


It is Watson! How the devil did you deduce that?


I looked.


Oh. [SHERLOCK sighs]

[Mrs Hudson enters the study with a tray containing fresh tea]


Now boys you aren’t arguing again are you?”

[There is silence in the room.]

Sounds like Mr Holmes has been trying to read by osmosis again.

[Mrs Hudson puts the tea tray down and stands next to Sherlock. She snatches the letter from his hand and puts on her reading glasses].


“The Council does not hold the information sought regarding the identity of the callers to Frobisher House. They were not Council or Tower Hamlets Homes employees.” [HUDSON smiles sweetly.]

Well that’s another mystery solved then. Biscuits anyone?


There’s a surprise.


Not really Watson, Mrs Hudson is always offering us biscuits. That is why she is called our ‘housekeeper’.


I meant the response from Tower Hamlets Council Holmes. I was being sarcastic.


There is a time and a place for sarcasm Watson and this is not it. Since the Mystery of the Three Women Canvassers on the Green Bank started the whole of Wapping has been terrified by the thought that they might strike again! Soon the terror could spread to Shadwell.


Knock. They might knock again. On someone’s door. No striking involved Sherlock. Just knocking. Or ringing I suppose.


Quite true Watson. No. Striking. Involved. And that is why it is so mysterious because…


[Now exasperated WATSON stands and takes the letter from HUDSON.]

Look Sherlock this is not rocket science. Tower Hamlets Homes did an investigation and the three women were nothing to do with them. Then Head of Service at Tower Hamlets Council did an investigation and the three women are not their employees either.  Since the day of the knocking –


The Knocking Day Watson!


Yes, the ‘Knocking Day’ Sherlock, since that day the occupier of the premises in question has had numerous letters from the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, one Lutfur Rahman, with the Tower Hamlets Council logo on the top and a nice photo of the Mayor in the footer, so from that I think it is safe to conclude that the three women are –



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  1. The answer my dear Baynes is that the were fraudulently claiming to work for Tower Hamlets Homes whilst campaigning for Rahman. Perhaps you could enlighten us as to particular mode of dress of the ladies concerned.

    1. Yes I did think about that after I submitted the FOI requests as my brain was bamboozled by all the formal submissions I had to write yesterday. Interesting grey area with FOI here as FOI Act does not apply to political parties. Not that for moment I can think of how anyone from a political party is involved in all this. Unless….

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