Greenbankgate the Movie: More women, more details, more mystery.

Look, I don’t go looking for this sort of thing. Honest.

But it just so happens that I was at home today on the glorious Green Bank Estate when I noticed two women sitting on the wall outside.

Being the paranoid type I had a quick squint at them through the blinds. I was worried they might come and knock on my door.

However they did not seem much like the last women who knocked on my door and caused all sorts of trouble.

But the blue clipboards they were carrying did look sort of familiar. The same sort of ruled paper.

Anyway I forgot about them and a little while later went and made a cup of tea.

And that is where my day got messy. Because as I looked out of the window while the kettle boiled I noticed the same two women around the other side of Frobisher House.

As I watched the two women started knocking on specific doors in Beechey House. I could see them look at their clipboards then go to a specific door. No answer? Check their lists and on to the next door.

I happened to have been doing some bird watching earlier and my teeny weeny binoculars were on the kitchen table. So I picked them up and had a closer look at the two ladies.

Guess what? I saw one of them with a leaflet in her hand that was very familiar.

To find out what happened then you can watch the video below….


Interesting huh? Just amazed they didn’t see me filming them through the car window.




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