If at FOIst you don’t succeed FOI and FOI again.

Having lots of things to do today I thought I would spend this afternoon writing some nice FOI requests.

Then tomorrow I can do what I was going to do today. Maybe.

Anyway…. Submitted this FOI today.

“This is further to my FOI request 9653 (December 2013).

On the 7th November 2013 three women knocked on my door at 8 Frobisher House, Watts Street, Wapping, London, E1W saying they were from Tower Hamlets Homes.

Since then, as your FOI response stated, investigations by Tower Hamlets Homes and Tower Hamlets Council have both concluded that these women were neither Council or Tower Hamlets Homes employees.

However since the 7th of November I have been sent numerous letters from Mayor Lutfur Rahman all of which have been in direct response to the conversation I had with the three women and the issues I raised.

So I must assume that there is a direct link between the three women and the Mayor.

I will forward PDF copies of the letters to you separately but these are already in the public domain at www. lovewapping.org.

The Contact names and LBTH format email addresses on the letters I have been sent are as follows:

Bushra Hussain              bushra.hussain@towerhamlets.gov.uk

Sadia Uddin                        sadia.uddin@towerhamlets.gov.uk

The telephone number on the letters is 020 7364 1378

As these individuals have LBTH email addresses they must be registered on the LBTH IT system (although of course this does not mean they are LBTH employees.). As these email accounts are owned and maintained by LBTH I do not consider them or details of their use to be private.

I would ask that both Bushra Hussain and Sadia Uddin be asked:

  1. By what means were my enquiry details of 7th November 2013 acquired by them.
  2. What is the identity of the person or persons who gave them details of my enquiry.
  3. The name of the organisations that any or all of these people were working for when processing the details of my enquiry.
  4. The identities of the women who visited my flat on 7th November 2013.
  5. The organisation that these women were working for.
  6. The purpose of their visit.

Many thanks,

Mark Baynes”

A little naughty

Now you might think it is a little naughty to specifically mention the two people whose contact details were on the letters that the Mayor sent to me.

But they are details for contacting them with. I have contacted them with little or no result so someone else can contact them now.


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