Who are the Greenbankgate Three?

It’s odd how difficult it is to find out the most basic things.

You may remember that about a month ago I had a visit from three ladies who I shall now refer to as ‘The Greenbankgate Three’.

Who are the Greenbankgate Three?
Who are the Greenbankgate Three?

Oddly enough I did not think to take a photo of them at the time so the Love Wapping Photofit Unit have come up with this artists impression.

What do you think? Do you know these three mysterious women?

Where you in area when they knocked on my door?

Do you know why they are wearing question marks around their necks?

No? Me neither.

But I am the curious type and so on three separate occasions during the last month I have rung the number on the leaflet the ladies gave me – the Mayor of Tower Hamlets Office – and very politely asked if they could tell me the name of the person who took the details of my enquiries?

Alas no one knows! It’s a pity as I have had several letters now from the Mayor and it would be nice to know who these ladies were even just to thank them for being so interested in my wellbeing and that of my neighbours.

Buy a bigger database

It’s also odd that Mayor Lutfur’s Office has what sounds like a very efficient computer system to track enquires and responses from the Mayor, but they have no record of the person who took the original enquiry. Maybe there wasn’t room in the database and they need to buy a bigger one? Who knows.

Anyway after a month of trying I thought I might try another way and so I can proudly announce that I have made my first ever Freedom Of Information request.

And I am so pleased with it that I reproduce it below.

FOI Request 10 Dec 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to know the names of the three women who knocked on my door at 8 Frobisher House, Watts Street, Wapping, E1W 2PZ on or around the 7th of November 2013 saying they were from Tower Hamlets Homes and asking me how the Mayor of Tower Hamlets could help me.

I would also like to know the organisation that the three women work for and in what capacity they are employed.

Subsequent to the issues I raised with these women I have had several letters from the Mayor of Tower Hamlets with the following enquiry numbers:

1-836770077 Lighting at Wapping Woods

1-83676797 Estate Road

I have made three separate telephone calls to the telephone number on the letters and original leaflet I was given to try and ascertain the identities of the three women with no success.

That should produce the information I need. Shouldn’t it? Let’s wait and see….

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