Wapping Wander 15th Dec


This is my view about most things at the moment. Mysterious women knocking at my door. Queen B releasing a new album. The real reason the Wapping Project closed. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Reason being is that I have a disc in my back which is not where it should be. So walking is either v. difficult or impossible. In fact I spent a lot of the CCC meeting hobbling around outside.

So a Wapping Wander tomorrow? Yes, no problem.

Because the Wapping Wander is not about any one individual. I might be able to make it, I might not. So if you want to Wander then turn up and see who else turns up. Worst case you can wander by yourself, best case you won’t.

Either way the plan as usual will be meet 12.00 Wapping Green by the bus stop, move off around 12.15.

See you there. Maybe. Ouch.

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