Pennington Street: Mayor Lutfur must think all Wapping residents are thick

For some time Love Wapping has been writing about the crime and ASB problems that have been plaguing Pennington Street. You can read the posts here:


You have probably read the report by What’s in Wapping on the scenes of violent disorder in Pennington Street at the weekend. Two people were stabbed and a police officer injured. The MPS Tactical Support Unit was called in to help clear the building and the MPS helicopter provided support.

I wonder how much that all cost?

You might have seen the photographs taken at the scene by prospective Wapping Cllr. (Labour) Robbie Scott on Flickr here.  (Love Wapping’s Chief Crime Reporter met Robbie on Sunday morning as he again checked out the crime scene in Pennington Street.)

You may have read comments by John Biggs, Labour’s candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets and Wapping Cllr. (Labour) Denise Jones’ in The Wharf yesterday regarding the violence in Pennington Street.

And yesterday you might have read Mayor Lutfur being quoted in the Evening Standard saying that council officials would carry out a review to prevent such incidents in the future.

This is the best bit though.

“I am proud of our police officers, who selflessly attend dangerous incidents to protect local people from violent crime. Their bravery is to be commended, and we are working closely with them to reassure residents in Wapping and get to the bottom of this.”

Excuse me? You what where? ‘Working closely to reassure residents in Wapping and get to the bottom of this’? Carry out a review to prevent such incidents in the future?

Are we thick Mr Mayor?

Does Mayor Lutfur think the residents of Wapping are thick? Or is he just trying to wind us all up? If so he is succeeding. For a very simple reason.

Discussing issues relating to Urban Enterprise Centre, Pennington StreetLook at this photo.

It was taken by Love Wapping during the recent St. Katharine’s and Wapping Community Safety Walkabout.

They show those who attended the event in Pennington Street standing at the exact spot where the serious disorder took place at the weekend.

We were discussing the problems there and what could be done about it.

MPS SNT officers, Council officers, local people, representatives from Studio Spaces, community people. None of  us were happy with the situation and we were all determined to get it sorted.

Only noticeable by his absence

What you do not see in this photo is Deputy Mayor Cllr. (Independent) Ohid Ahmed.

As you may or may not recall the Deputy Mayor has us all worried about his health as he did not turn up to the St. Katharine’s and Wapping Community Safety Walkabout as he ‘had the flu’ Deputy Mayor Cllr. Ohid Ahmed health scare update.

Bless.  Better now?

Reality is of course that Deputy Mayor Ahmed just couldn’t be bothered to turn up to talk about crime issues in Wapping and went off to have dinner instead.

Just can’t be bothered

If he had been bothered to do his job then he could have joined in the discussion about the Pennington Street problems and how all the different agencies and residents and businesses and community groups could work together to get this festering sore cleansed from the face of our community.

He could have then gone back to Tower Hamlets Town Hall and had a chat with Mayor Lutfur and maybe used a small amount of the considerable power Tower Hamlets Council has to sort the Pennington Street problem.

And sort the Pennington Street problem before last weekend. And maybe prevented two stabbings. And prevented a police officer being injured? Prevention. How about that as radical concept?

OK it might have been the case that Tower Hamlets Council wielded some of their power and the disorder would still have happened anyway.

But from where I sit I can’t see the Mayor or Deputy Mayor did a damn thing. If I am wrong please correct me.

Because everyone else ‘got to the bottom’ of the issue some time back and have been working together to sort it.

Keep up at the back Mr Mayor

We do not need a review of the Pennington Street issue. We do not need to get to the bottom of it. We know what the issue is. You and your team obviously don’t. Or if you do you just can’t be bothered to do anything about it. Maybe there are too many dinners to attend at this time of year?

What Wapping and Tower Hamlets needs is for local politicians – of whatever party – to do their jobs.

If they do not they will be held accountable. That’s how democracy works.

Oh and before I forget – could you sort the broken pavement in Wapping Lane  please Mr Mayor?


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