Greenbankgate, ‘Breaking Bad’ and the definition of ‘unfounded allegations’

First a confession. I only signed up for my free 30 day trial of NetFlix because I wanted to find out what the deal was with ‘Breaking Bad’.

Never anything decent on TV nowadays

Well ‘Breaking Bad’ was very good indeed! Recommended. But after several marathon evening sessions consuming every episode back to back all too soon I found myself with nothing to watch again.

But I have now! The London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council in session. OK, it is not quite as good as ‘Breaking Bad’ but it comes close as Love Wapping gets a mention! HURRAH!

Click on the image below of Cllr. Rachael Saunders (Labour)  to hear her ask a question of Mayor Lutfur relating to ‘Greenbankgate’ and the incident previously documented on this blog.  (Note: Video link will open in a new window).

Then listen to the responses by Cllr. Alibor Choudry (Independent) and what he says about my account of the events that have become known – if only to me – as ‘Greenbankgate’.

Cllr. Saunders asking a question of the Mayor.
Cllr. Saunders asking a question of the Mayor.


Unfounded, founded and well founded

Cllr.  Choudry  says, and I quote “…that these are unfounded allegations.” Er…not quite right Councillor. Yes they are allegations but they are not unfounded. Pick an English dictionary, any dictionary, and check for yourself. I found the below.

Definition of unfounded in English

• having no foundation or basis in fact:her fear that she had cancer was unfounded


Definition of allegation in English

Pronunciation: /al??ge??(?)n/
Translate allegation | into French | into German | into Italian | into Spanish
• a claim or assertion that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically one made without proof:he made allegations of corruption against the administrationallegations that the army was operating a shoot-to-kill policy

But three ladies did come to my door and they did say they were from Tower Hamlets Homes and they did give me party political literature on behalf of Mayor Lutfur  and I did get a reply from the Mayor’s office to the queries I raised (cheers Mr Mayor!) I would say these allegations are founded.

Well founded.

In fact they are as well founded as the foundations of the Tower of London (our local fort) and you can’t get any more well founded than that. Well, maybe Windsor Castle.

Of course this needs to be proved or disproved formally by a inquiry or, my preference, a police investigation which may or may not result in a Criminal Prosecution and a resulting court case.

Odd. He’s not the Mayor.

Apart from this error by Cllr. Choudry I noticed another small detail that you might have noticed as well. Cllr. Choudry is not Mayor Lutfur. He isn’t even the Deputy Mayor (feeling 100% now?). Cllr. Choudry is in charge of Resources.

So why doesn’t the Mayor answer the question directly asked of him? Huh?

Do Mayor’s never speak? I don’t know about all this Council business but I thought Mayor’s went around doing mayoral things and saying mayoral sayings. What’s the point of having a Mayor if he doesn’t do the whole Mayoral thing? OK, I can understand a ceremonial Mayor not doing much apart from wearing a gold chain and turning on the Christmas lights, but Mayor Lutfur is not a ceremonial Mayor is he?

That’s not a rhetorical question. I really want to know.

And there’s more.

Watching the above video explained a few things to me (apart from the Mayor thing). When I spotted the live tweeting by Ted Jeory last week I wondered what the hell was going on. And when I found out some more details in the following days it still didn’t make much sense for an Emergency Motion with bells and whistles on to be raised over three women knocking on my door and a one page post on a teeny weeny blog like Love Wapping.

But watch the video and listen to what numerous Councillor from different parties say and you realise Greenbankgate may be just the tip of the iceberg.

The whole video is very long and, unlike ‘Breaking Bad’ has no ad breaks. So I don’t recommend you watch it all on one go.

But from what I have seen there are lots of other things mentioned that are quite interesting.

So I think it is only fair that over the next few weeks we take an Advent Calendar approach to looking at different parts of the webcast and seeing what else is supposed to be going on. Allegedly. Maybe. Possibly.

Or, as Walter White would say, ‘Let’s cook!”



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