Champion champions of Wapping & St. Kaths

I have to apologise for posting this rather late but I have been slightly distracted by other events.

Last week was the first meeting of the Mayor’s Community Champion Coordinators. Now you may have read my previous post about the CCC   which was a bit dismissive of the whole thing.

How wrong can you be?

CCC meeting at Raine House
CCC meeting at Raine House

I thought the whole exercise was extremely well organised by both the Tower Hamlet’s Council officers who are running the CCC scheme and our two CCC’s for Wapping and St. Katharine Docks Christine and Gren.

There were around 25 residents present and after we had made ourselves comfortable there was an introduction by the LBTH team and then we were handed a leaflet outlining how the evening would proceed.

I admit I groaned when I saw we would have to get into groups and then ideas would be proposed, discussed, written on big sheets of paper then we would get to vote on them by sticking coloured dots on the best ones.

I really don’t like that sort of thing. What next, group hugs?

Wrong again. The format worked very well indeed because it made people get up and mingle and talk and meet each other.

During the voting session itself there was a veritable scrum as people jostled to stick their dots in the right place.

All sorts of ideas where suggested and the vast majority were sensible and showed that residents do have a real concern for their area and the social well being of others.

Some interesting statistics were given out so that we would have something more than good intentions to base our ideas on. Thanks to Martin for taking the time to convert these into one PDF which you can find below.

[wpdm_file id=16]

Random selection of great ideas

Some of the ideas – and there were a lot of them so this is a random selection – were:

  • Get a community room going
  • Improve and refurbish Raine House (very popular)
  • A stop spitting on the street campaign
  • Knitting and craft opportunities (already going in the Turks Head?)
  • More effective speed restrictions
  • Educating young people about healthy food options to reduce obesity
  • More community gardens
  • More Zebra crossings
  • Better street lighting
  • More clubs for adults and children out of school
  • Benefits consulting
  • Jogging group
  • Improving the canal
  • More community group activities and a variety of classes
  • More cycle paths physically separated from the road
  • Signs for Ornamental Canal for direction / speed of cyclists
  • More speed cameras on The Highway
  • Supporting elderly people
  • More green areas in school playgrounds
  • Integrating community services

Phew! And that’s not the full list!

Wandering and tea? Ridiculous

Someone even suggested that something called the ‘Wapping Wander’ should be supported by maybe having a sit down meeting with tea afterwards! Good grief! Whatever next? Revolution in the streets? (And it wasn’t my suggestion before you ask…)

Which specific ideas are worthy of serious consideration will be taken at future meetings.

Still a bit whiffy?

Christine in full flow
Christine in full flow

While most of the sceptics who attended were won over by this exceptionally good CCC event not everyone was totally convinced.

One resident said that ‘the whole process stinks’, which reflects concerns that many have over the initial CCC selection process by the Council.

But the reality is that whatever the motives for splashing £170,000 of cash around the Borough in times of austerity and cuts left right and centre the CCC event held in Wapping was really, really good.

I think this was down to the work done by the LBTH Council officers who manage the whole CCC scheme and people like Christine and Greg who are not afraid to step up and get involved.

Bigger dots needed

As with all these things if you do not attend and get involved then you can’t really criticise. So I would urge you all to come along to the next CCC meeting.

My only criticism would be that the coloured dots we were given to stick on our favourites were a bit on the small side. Maybe bigger ones next time?

Voting Update

The table below shows how the voting went and a PDF is attached. Thanks to Gren for sending this through.

[wpdm_file id=17]

Please note that although people were kind enough to put forward the Wapping Wander (aka Walking Group) as a possible beneficiary of funds from the CCC scheme I think it would be wrong for Love Wapping to accept any of these funds if they should be granted.

It is good to see Raines Club being well out in front for votes (not sure how Pollyanna got in there) and I think we could all save a lot of time and money by voting to allocate £5,000 to the Raines Club and the other £5,0000 to the local Food Bank. But that’s just me.


Development of Raines Club – Lunch Club Music Theatre Pollyanna – refurbishment flooring £3,000 and upstairs loo needs plastering £2,000


Small Business Support – Business Hub


Neighborhood Watch Scheme


Library – St Peter’s Centre as a collective – developing a business plan


Wapping Walk Group


Mini-bus transport for Elderly to shopping location


Wapping Station Transport and Access – Lifts


Community Group Activities – variety of courses e.g. meditation


Support Elderly People – Shopping, Errands


Monthly Consulting Benefits


Elderly who live alone


Positive Activities for young people hanging round the estates


More information available – Tele-care


Exercise/fitness class for over 60s – Health and Wellbeing


Heritage local history saved exhibition


More healthy food options – availability and diversity of availability is needed – affordable


More Community Gardens


Beautify opposite Wapping Green


Jogging Group


Canal needs improving


Community Room at Sure Start Children’s Centre


Integrating existing Community Services


Dog Mess – Dog Run


Play scheme in the Summer – schools to talk to each other to deliver in Easter and Summer – THYSP £3k


Cameras in Wapping Woods


More Clubs for Children and adults such as art clubs, music clubs, activities


Wellness Drop-in Group – Massage, pampering


Educating Young People – future


Wapping Green to be kept how it is


Stop spitting campaign run/started by school kids (communication, printing, putting up in spaces


Secured garden Area


Green Areas in School Playgrounds


Speed cameras on Highway


Increase Physical Fitness Levels


Street scene – Dangerous A-boards and Pavement


Ramps to enter Housing Blocks – new development


Youth clubs needed


Damaged pavements and potholes


More affordable activities for people aged 20-40 – activities for parents – affordable babysitting


More opportunity for interaction plus venues to do this – opening unused spaces


Knitting and craft opportunities – venue?


Speed restrictions



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