Will Wapping Lane pavements finally be fixed?

Broken paving stones in Wapping Lane.
Broken paving stones in Wapping Lane.

Regular readers of Love Wapping may recall that eight months ago I wrote about the broken pavement outside the shops in Wapping Lane and how I had submitted a request to have them fixed.

This afternoon I had a phone call from Tower Hamlets Council asking me where the problem was in Wapping Lane?

I told the lady exactly where the problem was and she replied that she would be ‘down on Monday to look at them’.

Original complaint in March

Once I had recovered from the shock I checked my original post and realised eight months has passed since that report and that I had got an email from Tower Hamlets Customer Services saying that the report been  ’assigned to the Street Care team to investigate/resolve with an estimated planned completion of 28 days.’

Maybe they have a different calendar in the Town Hall to the one the rest of us use?

However this is no time to quibble. One month, eight months, who’s counting?

Or original complaint made in 1996

After returning from some other community business I popped into some of the shops in Wapping Lane to tell them the good news.

And in Tower Pharmacy I was told that they had complained about the pavements 20 years ago.

But hey, one month, eight months, twenty years. Who’s counting?





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