Why I am supporting the Limehouse NPF application

I sent the email below to  ldf@towerhamlets.gov.uk this morning in support of the application by the Limehouse Community Forum (LCF) to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum.

Limehouse Community Forum – a real community group

The team over at Limehouse have been working away for seven years and have been forced by the irresponsible antics of Network Wapping to become a NPF. Why? Because Network Wapping seem to want to have their fingers in anything that interests them from the Tower of London all the way along the river to Canary Wharf.

While there may be some benefit to the LCF having NPF status (sorry about all the acronyms) it is marginal. But the reality it that the only way Limehouse can be 100% sure of keeping Network Wapping away is by becoming a NPF.

Daft, innit?

Another example of the flaws in the Localism Act. But good luck to Mark Slankard and the LCF for their application.

Email supporting LCF application

To: Neighbourhood Planning Consultation team, Tower Hamlets Council.

I would like to express my unreserved support for the Limehouse Community Forum (LCF) to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum.

The LCF has been the core community group in Limehouse for a number of years and during this time has repeatedly demonstrated by its actions that it has a genuine interest and concern for the Limehouse community.
I think that to award the Limehouse Community Forum NPF status can only benefit Limehouse, East London and Tower Hamlets as a whole.
Yours sincerely
Mark Baynes
8 Frobisher House
Watts Street

One thought on “Why I am supporting the Limehouse NPF application

  1. Actually, the LCF is a worse organisation to give NCF status to than Network Wapping, which you oppose here on Love Wapping. The LCF is just a Labour Party front group run by Mark Slankard, who doesn’t even live in Limehouse, just runs the Urban Bar on Three Colt Street. What does he contribute to Limehouse? Hipster drunks puking up on their way to Limehouse station, well, thanks Mark.

    But, what a surprise! Mark Slankard is one of Lutfur Rahman’s Community Champions. As a bar licensee in Limehouse he knows what side his bread is buttered – get in with Lutfur’s corrupt shower of public money, and claim his reward when licensing applications come up.

    Labour and Lutfur are of course as thick as thieves and so Slankard gets the job.

    The LCF, which is Slankard’s and Labour’s creature, would be no more a representative community organisation for planning in Limehouse, than the licensees of Mango’s on Pennington Street would be for planning in Wapping.

    I urge your readers to oppose this Labour/Rahman stitch-up in Limehouse.

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