London Dock – That tower is getting smaller

A quite long visit to the latest London Dock consultation today. Amazing who you meet there!

Anyway in contrast to the length of my stay the key points i have to report back are quite short.

  • Further reduction in height of the tall building by eight storeys (from 33 to 25) or 122.3m to 96.39m AOD*
  • An increase in affordable housing from 15% to 30%
  • A reduction in parking provision from 1,170 to 990 spaces.

That’s the main stuff.

* No idea what AOD means. All On Deck? Actually Often Dire? Absolutely Obvious Darling?

One thought on “London Dock – That tower is getting smaller

  1. Above ordnance datum. Basically height above mean sea level, so you need to know the altitude of the land to work out the actual visible height, but relevant for comparing its height to other buildings and places which might be land of different height.

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