Glamis Residents’ Association objects to Network Wapping

Many of us who live in Wapping know Toni Davey who apart from being a tireless campaigner to save King Edward Memorial Park is also Secretary of the Glamis Residents’ Association (GRA) and is a great local community worker.

Toni was kind enough to send Love Wapping a copy of the objection letter regarding the Network Wapping NPF application she has submitted on behalf of the GRA.

This is an absolute corker of a letter!

“I am writing to object to Network Wapping’s application to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum. Please note that I also objected to their first application on 16th June 2013; the contents of that objection still stands.

Toni Davey, community worker extraordinaire
Toni Davey, community worker extraordinaire

Having read their second application, I can see very little notable difference from their first, I have also seen no effort from them to engage with the very community they claim to represent.

I am astonished that they have been granted in excess of £5,000 to assist in their application, and would very much question where this money has been spent. The campaign to save King Edward Memorial Park was done with no budget at all, but reached the WHOLE of Tower Hamlets!

As a very active community member and local resident, I have seen no advertising for their cause or meetings, nor any evidence of community engagement.

It is fact that Network Wapping is very much a closed group who exclude anyone that may question their agenda, this surely is undemocratic and excludes a vast majority of the community they wish to represent, including well established community groups.

I strongly oppose this self appointed group making uninformed decisions about my local area and the community that I live and work amongst

Yours faithfully

Toni Davey

Secretary – Glamis Residents’ Association

Community Liaison – Save King Edward Memorial Park”


Wonderful stuff. And all so true. Thanks very much to Toni and the Glamis Resident’s Association.

If you are a member of Network Wapping and still have no idea where KEMP is, or Glamis Road, please get in touch with Toni or myself and we will send you a map. In the mean time here is a photo of King Edward Memorial Park. Big green thing just before Limehouse.

King Edward Memorial Park
King Edward Memorial Park


If tell Tower Hamlets your opinions regarding Network Wapping please CC Love Wapping if you wish. No objections will be published without your consent.

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