Whop wellies on your kids and explore the Wapping foreshore


Word reaches Love Wapping HQ that on 30th October (aka half-term) there is the opportunity  for children to do a bit of exploring on the River Thames.

Dig into the history of Wapping

Come on kids! Find some pieces of eight!
Come on kids! Find some pieces of eight!

The Thames Discovery Program has organised ‘Spooky Foreshore’, a range of activities for your accompanied kids to find out more about the archaeology of Wapping.

The intrepid explorers will be going down to the beach below the Town of Ramsgate pub and getting up to all sorts.

Our part of London is absolutely stuffed full of history – but an awful lot of it is buried under houses.

We all enjoy wandering along the Wapping foreshore at low tide and having a kick at anything interesting, in the vague hope it might be – doubloons! Aye, riches!

Will there be ghosts of pirates?

However as yet no developers have managed to build on the foreshore so if you and your lovely little darlings want to do something educational and fun then why not take them along?  With any luck some ghosts of pirates will turn up to make the young ones squeal with delight and the adults faint.

To book just hop over to this page on the Thames Discovery site and get clicking!

Once you have done that you just need to turn up next to the Town of Ramsgate at 2.30 on 30th October wearing old clothes, wellies or walking boots. Gloves will be provided.

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