Wapping wants a wallaby just like Highgate’s please!

It was no surprise to the Love Wapping Wildlife Rangers to hear that a wallaby has been filmed in Highgate Cemetery. Here’s the video shot by Maurice Melzak on YouTube.

Nice work Maurice.  (Let’s hope the wallaby is now being looked after properly and that this is not a marketing stunt like the giraffe found in Croydon High Street.)

Although the Wapping Wildlife Rangers do not begrudge Highgate having a wallaby it is their professional opinion that Wapping should have one too.

This is because ‘Wapping Wallaby’ has a nice ring to it don’t you think? ‘Highgate Wallaby’ is OK but doesn’t quite trip off the tongue as easily.

The Hopping Elephant of Wapping

If a wallaby is not discovered in Wapping in the next day or two the Wapping Park Rangers are considering other possibilities. ‘Wapping Whale’ is quite nice but a whale, even a small one, might not fit in the ornamental canal. Shadwell Basin might be fine though.

The Chief Wildlife Ranger has his heart set on an elephant that is amenable to learning some new tricks so we could then unveil the Hopping Elephant of Wapping to the world. Watch this space.

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