Wapping Hydraulic Power Station catches the eye of Nick Capstick-Dale

Another Wapping project for Met Wharf owner

Wapping Hydraulic Power Station Photo: Fin Fahey, Wikipedia
Wapping Hydraulic Power Station Photo: Fin Fahey, Wikipedia

If Wapping is full of planning geeks then Pootling Paul has to be the Wapping Planning Uber Geek.

You only have to read his latest piece of detective work regarding the Wapping Project to realise this.

Go on, have a read then come back.

Interesting wasn’t it?

Apart from the forensic level of detail in Pootling Paul’s post I think the most interesting thing is that it seems that the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station has caught the eye of Nick Capstick-Dale.

You can read an interview with Nick here.

Nick may have to be careful, he is in real danger of giving property developers a good name. He buys buildings he loves but doesn’t sell them. How odd is that? Nice odd though.

Jewel of Wapping’s Architecture

He already owns Metropolitan Wharf, one of the jewels of Wapping’s architecture, and has done a splendid job of breathing new life into it.

And by breathing new life into one building Wapping Wall has been enhanced too. And that is what good planning and good development is all about.

We wish Wapping Hydraulic Power Station well in the next chapter of it’s history and all lovers of Wapping will be taking a keen interest in what develops.

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