The Wapping Fox caught on camera

After many attempts the Wapping Fox has finally been photographed. I would like to say this was all part of a cunning plan but it wasn’t.

Coming to a bin near you

There have been rumours recently of the demise of Mr Fox but as these photos show he is alive and well and rummaging in a bin near you.

Mr Fox outside the Turks Head cafe
Mr Fox outside the Turks Head cafe. Click to see larger image.

The Love Wapping Photographic Team first noticed him (or her) just outside the Team’s first floor flat on the Green Bank estate late one evening.

After watching him (I suppose the fox must be a him if he is called Mr Fox) have a wee down the drain – yes, honestly – then disappear on his rounds the whole Team went out on Wildlife Patrol.

An unhealthy interest in bushes

So if you spotted the Team wandering around Scandrett Street and Green Bank the other night with cameras at the ready showing an odd interest in bushes, you know who they were.

Mr Fox trots off on his errands
Mr Fox trots off on his errands. Click to see larger image.

Mr Fox was spotted several times but these photographs show him outside the Turks Head cafe looking at the Team. While the Team looked back.

This went on for some while until Mr Fox realised the Love Wapping Photographic Team was completely harmless and he trotted off.

Welcome back Mr Fox!