Star of Nordic crime thriller ‘Arne Dahl’ at Scandinavia show in Wapping

Look’s like the Viking’s are invading Wapping again!

Well… sort of. Next weekend 12-13 October the Scandinavia Show 2013 will be held at our very own Tobacco Dock.

A treat for lovers of all things Scandinavian – and especially ‘Arne Dahl’. The show will include:

  • Presentations on the best in Nordic food and drinks
  • The travel stage, get inspired and learn about the top Scandinavian destinations
  • Scandinavian music and entertainment each day
  • Childrens section with a large play area
  • Meet the Reindeer
  • Nordicana film experience by Arrow Films
  • See the live Viking Battle organised by VisitDenmark
  • Meet Magnus Samuelsson – Swedish actor (known from Arne Dahl) and former World’s Strongest Man!!!!!

Magnus Samuelsson (‘Gunnar Nyberg’) of Arne Dahl at Scandinavia Show

O.M.G! Magnus Samuelsson – Gunnar Nyberg of Arne Dahl fame – will be at the Scandinavia Show! At last I get to write a post about something exciting and someone famous!

Photo of actor Actor Magnus Samuelsson
Actor Magnus Samuelsson

For the last few years the country has been gripped by a serious of excellent Scandinavian TV dramas on BBC 4 that have become known as ‘Nordic Noir’. The Killing, The Bridge, Wallander and Sebastian Bergman have enthralled and delighted viewers including the Love Wapping TV Critic Team who have devoted many hours to reviewing them.

And so we are more than pleased to welcome Magnus Samuelsson to Wapping. I have to admit that I did not realise that Magnus (pictured right) was one of the strongest men on the planet, I thought he was just an excellent actor. But he seems to be a man of many talents. And who would argue with that? Let alone argue with him. See links below for more information.

Half Price Tickets for Wapping Residents

Sharp eyed Wapping residents may have already seen the flyers for the Scandinavia Show 2013 and the special code which gets them half price tickets for only £6 when you buy online. Flyers are in Cinnamon coffee shop and quite a few others places I am sure.

It looks like it will be a very interesting weekend although it seems unlikely that the Vikings will be coming to Wapping along the canal in their longboats this time, they will probably use the Overground.

Wapping and the Vikings – History Note

It has been over 1,000 years since the last time the Vikings invaded but they must like it here if they are coming back again.

In fact it seems the Vikings have invaded twice before in AD 851 and AD 1,000 or so when Sweyn Forkbeard (how cool a name is that?) was in charge and he became King of Denmark, Norway and England.

And of course you all know that Sweyn Forkbeard was the son of King Harald Bluetooth of Denmark. Yes, that’s where the modern occasionally useful but mainly useless ‘Bluetooth’ technology gets it’s name. Apologies for that King Harald.

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