Network Wapping update

Here’s the latest on Network Wapping.

There was no NPF submission by Network Wapping on 1st October 2013.

There is a Network Wapping meeting this week Wednesday 9 October, 7:00pm at Pollyanna, 1 Knighten Street, London E1W 1PH. 

On 2nd August Network Wapping stated on their website that:

“In order to enhance the constitution in response to various inputs over the past several months, the date for application for designation of the NPF has been moved to the end of the summer.”

Although at the time of writing an agenda for the meeting was not available presumably there will be an update on this at the meeting.

Wapping residents would  be grateful if  anyone will Network Wapping  could advise them on this at the meeting given that Network Wapping have received public funds from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for their NPF consultation.

09 Oct 2013 Correction: I have been informed that Network Wapping may have applied for funds from ‘My Community Rights’ please see this post.

There do not seem to be any minutes published by Network Wapping on their site for the last meeting on 14th August as yet, but you can read this partial meeting report by an attendee here on What’s in Wapping, “99% respondents object but Network Wapping will reapply to become Wapping’s Neighbourhood Planning Forum‘.



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