Minutes of the Second Wapping Wander

Many thanks to everyone who turned up for the Second Wapping Wander today! I think there was about 10 of us and I met some old friends and made some new ones too!

Yes I should have made a list of all those who attended but the ‘Clipboard of Control’ remained in my bag. The ‘Broom of Destiny’ was on full display throughout though.

Next Wapping Wander Sunday 17th November

The next Wapping Wander will be in four weeks time on Sunday 17th November, meet 12 midday Wapping Green.

Of course I will be wandering before then, so if anyone wants to go for a Wander before the next one let me know.

What did we do?

Well we wandered. In Wapping. More details? OK.

First we wandered up to the bridge over the canal at Wapping Lane and discussed the best way to put in an ramp to improve access to the canal and open  up the grass area behind the fence directly opposite 21 Wapping Lane. This would:

  • Cut down Anti Social Behaviour
  • Create a nice space for people
  • Improve the view from the flats opposite
  • Expose our dock heritage (currently hidden) for all to see

As we discussed this – with expert consultancy from Gool – we realised that the initial plan, of which more later on another post, needed to be changed. So now we have two projects. Which is fine by me.

We then wandered back to Tobacco Dock and discussed Tobacco Dock in general, putting in an access ramp that side of the canal instead of the other side and then wandered down to the corner of the canal.

As we wandered the three bridges over the canal and at Shadwell were discussed and that we need to look at ways of looking after them.

Despite subtle hints, the Wapping Tour Guide continued to ramble on. And on.
Despite subtle hints, the Wapping Tour Guide continued to ramble on. And on.

At the corner of the canal we stopped underneath the trees and had a good chat about all sorts of things. Very useful. I explained how the London Dock development would involve the wall being opened up to improve north – south footfall through Wapping.

We then talked about lots of other things and for me that was one of the most useful things, new friends and old discussing matters of mutual concern in our part of London. Next time come along and have a chat too!

We also discussed the plan at a London and Borough level to increase the number of people walking / cycling / running / wandering / whatever between the Tower of London and Canary Wharf.  There are numerous ways residents of Wapping can get involved in this for the benefit of all.

Looking after our wildlife and docklands heritage

Lots of people in Wapping love the wildlife we have here and realise how lucky we are to have this right in the middle of London.

I explained that one idea (which is neither brain surgery or rocket science) is to consider the waterway in Wapping from Hermitage through to the Thames at Shadwell as the core of what we could do as a group. Help the wildlife a little, look after our dockland heritage, make the most of our area and tell others about it.

And yes the Wapping Tourist Board was mentioned. And no one laughed. I think…


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