Green Bank estate residents meeting to discuss Watts Street ASB problem

Residents of the Green Bank estate are organising a meeting to discuss the Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) problems in Watts Street.

Annoying boys with toys

Shiny police van on Green Bank.
Shiny police van on Green Bank.

One of the main issues is likely to be the increasing frequency of youths in cars parking up in Watts Street at night then spending hours impressing their mates with the capacity of their motors. Wow.

Sounds harmless maybe but they dump their litter on the pavement, cause a racket, keep people’s children awake, block the pavement (some, others are quite polite) and generally give the area a bad name.

Additionally this behaviour tends to attract other low lives who may be up to worse things. And we don’t want low lives in Wapping.

See it? Report it.

As ever if you see any ASB call the police on 101. I have done this myself recently and it works. If you don’t report it the MPS can’t do anything about it.

I don’t have details of the meeting as yet but will publish them when I get them.

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