12:00 hrs Sunday 20th October, Wapping Green. Let’s get to work.


If you are driving a pram, buggy or wheelchair and are coming on the Wapping Wander tomorrow (see below)  it might be better for you to meet us on the canal path underneath  the Wapping Lane bridge opposite 21 Wapping Lane. Reason being that the main thing I am going to be waffling on about tomorrow is how we could and should… oh well you will see!

I am well aware of the issues relating to access to the Canal for some folk who can only access it from the footbridge or from Wapping Woods. Which doesn’t seem right to me.

Busy next Sunday? No? Good.

I have had enough of sitting here writing and I am sure you have had enough of sitting there reading.

The time has come for Love Wapping to meet our neighbours, talk, and do things for the community.

Statement of Intent

Rather than hold meetings that go on for ever a few of us think it might be a better plan, and a much better statement of intent, to have regular meetings at 12.00 on a Sunday at Wapping Green (where we have the Shindig) just south of the Health Centre.  Not every Sunday maybe but a regular place and time.

A Wapping Wander? Can I come?
A Wapping Wander? Can I come?

Don’t worry, we won’t be sitting on the grass discussing stuff. We will meet then go off and do things. It’s very similar to the Wapping Wander we had a while back but with more purpose.

At first there may only a few of us but over time I am sure our numbers will grow. Of course there will be a need for proper meetings inside but I think it’s better to get out and have a wander and see what needs to be done.

Wondering where we will be wandering?

The route of the ‘wandering meeting’ will be:

  • Meet Wapping Green 12 midday Sunday 20th October
  • Walk up to Tobacco Dock / 21 Wapping Lane area where there is a specific project to improve access to the canal for the disabled / those with prams / everyone that I have in mind. I think that this represents the sort of thing residents of Wapping can do as a group but want to find out what you think
  • Wander along the canal (either / both directions) and have a look at other areas where we could do some work in relation to wildlife and conservation of our unique dockland heritage.

So if you miss us all at Wapping Green you should be able to find us. No set duration, it takes as long as it takes.

Bring a brolly

And if it rains best you wear a good jacket and bring an umbrella. The Wapping Wanders will not be stopped or postponed by the weather otherwise they would never happen.

Enjoying some Wapping nuts
I may follow the Wapping Wander at a distance.

I have been asked by those of us who do not find it as easy to walk as others as to what they can do?

Well lots is the answer! As a group Love Wapping must cater for all abilities and interests.

Not everyone wants to get their hands dirty and those who spend all week in an office probably don’t want to do any admin, but we can sort all this over time.

And of course if you just want to turn up and say ‘Hello’ then that’s fine. This is not a one off wonder. Or wander.

If you want to bring a bin bag to clear up any rubbish as we wander that’s fine but this is not a dedicated cleanup event. We will be doing dedicated cleanups in the future.

The first Wapping Wander was good fun, one of the best things being meeting new people, those you may only know by reputation or by their Twitter name!

That’s it. Simple plan. Just turn up.

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