Steam tug ‘Challenge’ crashing into bridge at St Katharine Docks

Grey skies. Drizzle. The onset of winter seems not far away.

Ideal for doing some video tests! Off the Love Wapping Film Crew wandered, just out for a quiet bit of filming to test things that only video geeks would understand.

Walking through Saint Katharine Docks to Tower Birdge the wonderful steam tug ‘Challenge’ was spotted and all thoughts of our local bridge were abandoned.

Then this happened…

‘Challenge’ seemed only slightly bent. But then the Challenge is one of the ‘little ships’ of Dunkirk so has endured far worse. And as she helped save the nation in those dark days I think we can forgive her a minor indiscretion.

You can find our more about Challenge at this website. Fascinating stuff. 

Huge shame about the bridge though as it was only a few months ago that the other bridge at Saint Kath’s was repaired.

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