In Wapping volunteering has no boundaries

You don’t have to live in Wapping

Morning! Just a very quick note to say a big thanks to those who have already offered to help with our new community group. Stars the lot of you. Will be in touch.

Also should emphasise ┬áthat you don’t have to live in Wapping to help out! We even have an offer of help from Los Angeles – cool huh? Not the whole City of Angels of course, just one particular person who Loves Wapping but happens to live in LA.

So wherever you are get in touch. Link on main menu.

Remember the Love Wapping Action Group is simply a group of like minded people who care about Wapping. You might live north of The Highway or north of Denmark, it doesn’t matter. You might live in Matilda House which is looked after by the Friends of St. Katharine Docks but you can still love Wapping and help out.

Open, democratic and inclusive

And of course you don’t need to actively volunteer or actively do anything – just support Love Wapping Action Group as an open, democratic and inclusive way to look after a wonderful part of the East End.

Now it might, or might not depending on what you decide, be a good plan to formally apply for the Love Wapping Action Group to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum (NPF). If and when that is done and approved, and we have a lot of work to do before then, that NPF will operate strictly within its area of operation and the people who run it must live in the E1W area.

But let’s get the horse sorted before we worry about the cart.


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