So where on earth is Wapping London E1W anyway?

Had an email the other day from a local resident who had a very good question:

“I found your use of the E1W postcode and the Highway as the northern boundary confusing. This is because, for example, Glamis Road and Brodlove Lane while being north of the Highway have the E1W postcode. It may not be an issue now but it could become one if there is a NPF application. “

I can only agree. It is VERY confusing! If you want to see how confusing it is then click on this link that will show you the spread of E1W post codes.

Baffling, huh?

 Wapping means different places to different people.

To some extent for the fledgling Love Wapping Action Group precise post codes or areas dont matter too much. Wapping means different places to different people. Some people exclude everything north of The Highway, other include everything south of Cable Street. Some consider Shadwell to be part of Wapping, others consider Shadwell and Wapping to be completely different places. Some people who live on the eastern edge of St Katharine Docks consider themselves to live in Wapping, others consider that all St Katharine Docks is Wapping. And of course at the moment our electoral ward at a local level is called St Katharine’s and Wapping but our MP Jim Fitzpatrick is the MP for Poplar and Limehouse. Oh and of course the Council uses the term ‘Local Area Partnership’ or LAP and we fall into LAP 4 and that covers St Katharine’s, Wapping and Shadwell.


If the Love Wapping Action Group decided to go forward with an application to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum (NPF) then the precise area of operations is critical and post codes or road names won’t do. The area has to be specified on a very large scale (house level) map supplied by Tower Hamlets Council.

Wapping is where you think it is

So the short answer is ‘Wapping is where you think it is’. To be honest for most of us it doesn’t really matter.

But for others it might matter a lot. Those who live north of The Highway in the E1W area around the Glamis Estate for instance. ¬†Is that Wapping? Or Shadwell? Is that area similar enough to ‘Wapping’ for it to be in the area of any Wapping NPF? And if it isn’t where would it be?

No smart answers from here. Fact is Wapping’s boundaries are a lot like Wapping itself, a variety of things from many different ages all of which make it very interesting.

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