Responses to Network Wapping NPF application – final result

Tower Hamlets Council has published it’s  final update to the Network Wapping Consultation Summary Report regarding Network Wapping’s submission to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum (NPF). Click here to see the previous post on that.

Final Result

The final update takes into account the extended period of consultation that Network Wapping was granted. You can get the PDF containing the report from Tower Hamlet’s website here.

Final result is 152 responses for both periods, 150 objections, 1 in support and 1 neutral. Note that these responses do not take into account submitted responses which are sent on behalf of one more, e.g. an organisation responding on behalf of it’s membership.

Final Responses to Network Wapping NPF application
Final Responses to Network Wapping NPF application

This is the text of the Tower Hamlet’s Summary Report:

/* ****** Extract ********* */

Consultation responses – summaries of key themes

The following summaries of key themes have been derived from an analysis of the consultation responses from both the formal consultation period and the additional period. The additional period did not present additional key themes. They are presented in no particular order.

Proposed boundary

  • The extent of the proposed Area is too large.
  • The following areas should be removed from the proposed Area: St. Katharine Docks; and areas of Limehouse.
  • Wapping is perceived to be south of the Highway and/or defined by the E1W postcode. As such, the proposed boundary should be amended to reflect this.


  • The proposed Forum has not sufficiently consulted with individuals and groups within the proposed Neighbourhood Planning Area.


  • The proposed Forum is not representative of the social (including individuals and groups), economic or physical character of its proposed Area.
  • The extent of the proposed Area presents challenges in enabling the proposed Forum to be representative of the Area.


  • The provision of information relating to the administration, activities and aspirations of the proposed Forum has not been made sufficiently available.

Skills and resources

  • Members of the proposed Forum lack the skills and resources to successfully deliver Neighbourhood Planning.

Written constitution

The proposed Forum’s written constitution does not:

  • enable membership of the proposed Forum to be open to all; and
  • accord with the guidance stated in the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Planning Guidance Note (Stage 1) (February 2013). 

/* ****** End extract ********* */

Can Network Wapping apply to be a NPF again?

Network Wapping’s withdrawal of its NPF application does not mean that it cannot make another submission.

Below is the response from Tower Hamlets Planning to an email regarding this issue from Love Wapping:


“The Localism Act (2011) and Neighbourhood Planning Regulations (2012) do not enable Local Planning Authorities to restrict the number of times that a prospective neighbourhood planning forum can apply to be designated following a withdrawn application for an area that does not have in place a designated Neighbourhood Planning Forum and Area. As such the Council will continue to manage the designation process in accordance with the legislation.

The submission and determination process for a revised application will continue to follow the envisaged timeframes defined in the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Planning Guidance Note Stage 1 page 12.”

 In Conclusion

Network Wapping is expected to make another submission on or before 1st October 2013.

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