Network Wapping shows its contempt for people of Wapping, withdraws NPF application

Network Wapping continue to have difficulty publishing meeting minutes
Network Wapping continue to have difficulty publishing meeting minutes

With 111 objections against their application and absolutely none (zero) in favour Network Wapping has withdrawn its application to become a Neighbourhood Planning Forum (NPF).

This latest twist in this sorry tale should surprise nobody in Wapping as ‘Network Wapping’ continues to show complete contempt for due process and local residents.

This is the second time that Network Wapping has abused the NPF application process. Will there be a third?

First Network Wapping failed to follow guidelines for a NPF submission, including failing to consult with any existing community groups, then they were given an extension despite the opposition of these community groups, now they withdraw their application at the last moment.

What is Network Wapping playing at? If anyone knows please tell the rest of us.

One reason for the withdrawal may be that Network Wapping knew their application would be defeated. So, like small children in a playground, they decided not to play the game anymore.

"I don't want to play so there!"
“I don’t want to play so there!”

This morning I have had several emails and seen tweets with the hashtag #victory. But while it would be nice to think that Network Wapping have finally listened to the people of Wapping, realise they are not wanted and do the decent thing. Give up. But I think this might be a little premature.

Call me a pessimist but my experience of Network Wapping over the last few months has taught me that the they do not work in the same way that most decent organisations work.

Now it might be that they are done. And good riddance. But it might be that they are merely having a think – yes, it does happen – and they will submit another application.

Hopefully they will not but I think we, the ordinary people of Wapping who believe in working in an open manner and following the democratic process, would be foolish to consider the announcement of their withdrawal as a victory.

A battle may have been won but a war still remains to be fought.

For more updates on this sorry tale keep an eye on this website and of course What’s in Wapping!

So how many people supported our application?
So how many people supported our application?

The full text of the Network Wapping NPF Consultation Report can be found on the Tower Hamlets website here in PDF format but is also available below.

Please note that the stats contained in the Councils summary doc were as at 4th June and that the Council will be up-dating those stats & summary doc “soon”.


/* ****** Text of Network Wapping NPF Consultation Report PDF ******** /

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Neighbourhood Planning

Consultation Summary Report

Network Wapping Application to establish a Neighbourhood

Planning Forum and Neighbourhood Planning Area (22 April

to 4 June 2013)

July 2013

Role of this document

This document provides a summary of the issues raised in the consultation responses submitted to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets with regard to the application submitted by Network Wapping on 1 April 2013 to establish a Neighbourhood Planning

Forum and Neighbourhood Planning Area.

It has been prepared by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for public information and does not seek to address any of the issues raised during the consultation period.

An addendum to this document will be provided after 31 July 2013 following the Council’s agreement to accept responses until this date prior to beginning the determination process.

Consultation activities undertaken by the Council

The formal consultation period took place between 22 April to 4 June 2013. Consultation activities were undertaken in accordance with Neighbourhood Planning Regulations (2012) parts 5&6 and 8&9. Activities carried out were:

  • Provision of consultation information and application material on the Council’s website
  • (
  • Provision of consultation information and application material to Watney Market Idea
  • Store and St. George’s Leisure Centre.
  • Provision of information to local elected Councillors.
  • Publication of a Public Notice in East End Life.

These activities also follow the principles of the guidance for policy documents set out in the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement. It should be noted that the Statement of Community Involvement does not currently make specific reference to neighbourhood planning elements.


Response figures

Total Responses 111

Support 0

Objections 111

Responses to Network Wapping application
Responses to Network Wapping application

Consultation responses – summaries of key themes

The following summaries of key themes have been derived from an analysis of the consultation responses and are presented in no particular order.

Proposed boundary

  • The extent of the proposed Area is too large.
  • The following areas should be removed from the proposed Area: St. Katharine Docks and areas of Limehouse.
  • Wapping is perceived to be south of the Highway and/or defined by the E1W postcode.
  • As such, the proposed boundary should be amended to reflect this.


The proposed Forum has not sufficiently consulted with individuals and groups within the proposed Neighbourhood Planning Area.


  • The proposed Forum is not representative of the social (including individuals and groups), economic or physical character of its proposed Area.
  • The extent of the proposed Area presents challenges in enabling the proposed Forum to be representative of the Area.


The provision of information relating to the administration, activities and aspirations of the proposed Forum has not been made sufficiently available.

Skills and resources

Members of the proposed Forum lack the skills and resources to successfully deliver

Neighbourhood Planning Written constitution

The proposed Forum’s written constitution does not:

  • Enable membership of the proposed Forum to be open to all; and
  • Accord with the guidance stated in the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Planning Guidance Note (Stage 1) (February 2013).

/* ********** Text of letter from John Bell to Tower Hamlets Planning ********* */

A Neighbourhood Planning Forum for Wapping and the Surrounding Areas

We write to advise it is the intention of network Wapping to withdraw the current application for the establishment of a Neighbourhood Planning Forum for Wapping and the surrounding area with a view to submitting an updated application including an enhanced constitution towards the end of summer 2013.

We understand that to amend the information currently being reviewed by Tower Hamlets a new application is required. The new neighbourhood planning forum application will include feedback information from consultation meetings, ‘drop?in sessions’ and a consultation stall present at a number of community events held during the month of July 2013, and further feedback information will be gathered between today and the submission of the revised application.

Feedback to date suggests that 96.4% of those providing feedback support a means of expressing views on planning matters together (e.g. via a Neighbourhood Planning Forum) and only 3.6% did not support expressing views together; 83 % supported the inclusion of areas that neighbour Wapping e.g. St Katharine Docks and (part of) Shadwell in the Neighbourhood Planning Area, 15% did not, and 2% had no opinion.

100% of those providing feedback indicated they cared about planning in the area being considered. Signatures of support for a Neighbourhood Planning Forum for Wapping and surrounding areas have also been collected.

We are grateful to all who provided feedback in the last month and appreciative to those who volunteered considerable time and other resources to make this public consultation possible; we look forward to submitting a revised application.

Kind Regards

John Bell

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  1. From theNetwork Wapping (NW) withdrawal letter it seems quite clear that another application will be made based on the feedback given to NW in July.The letter only gives percentages of those who gave feedback which may be misleading. After all 90% of 10 people represents far fewer people than 90% of 1000 people. It will be interesting to see Tower Hamlets revised figures following the extended period.

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