Network Wapping – now they want your cash

There has been no news in Wapping in the last week so instead of making it up like the tabloids do our editorial team have been watching YouTube for funny cat videos filmed in Wapping.

That plan failed so they checked out the Network Wapping website newsletter to see if any meeting minutes had been published.

No they have not.

But our editorial team did find this gem:

“An application for very modest funding that the government makes available to defray costs incurred by organisations sponsoring the designation of Neighbourhood Planning Forums has been submitted.”

You what where? Funding? To do what? Not consult with local community groups that have been established for years? Never replying to emails? Being so opaque in their dealings that they make a Black Hole look transparent? Hiring a professional meeting minute taker? Maybe to hire a bouncer on the door of their meetings so people who disagree with them or who would like to ask questions are not even allowed in?

How much is ‘modest’?

And how much is ‘very modest funding’? No details on the Network Wapping site and little point in emailing Network Wapping and asking.

Maybe ‘very modest funding’ is £5 for a jar of coffee? Or £5,000 for um…. er…. photocopying the meeting minutes? Typing the minutes up so there is something to photocopy? Who knows. Not us. And if previous behaviour is anything to go by we never will.

UPDATE 22.51hrs Sources tell me that Network Wapping has been awarded £5,000.

Which is a slight worry because ‘very modest funding’ is your cash. Will be fascinating to see how this is spent. Maybe we should go to their meetings and ask?

The Network Wapping  Time Machine

You may remember that our editorial team have been considering taking screen grabs of the Network Wapping website as the information on it tends to change. Well, not tend, it does change! You look at a page one week and it says one thing, you look at the same page a couple of weeks later and lo, the past has been changed. Nice touch.

Unfortunately our editorial team, who are technology challenged at the best of times, failed to take a screen grab of the Network Wapping newsletter page a couple of weeks ago. It would be handy if it had because, well guess. Go on. Guess!

Yes! It’s changed again. So while an entry for 3rd July has been added – as opposed to creating a new post or page as the rest of the Interweb does – the entry for 9th June 2013 has been expanded. Is ‘expanded’ the right word?

Not that the newsletter is of much use. Instead of informing Wapping residents that they will be attending school fetes so you could look out for John Bell and ask him some questions you only find out that Network Wapping has attended school fetes.

Personally I still find it strange that after all this time Network Wapping decide to consult (or should that be told to consult?) the residents of Wapping, they go along to a school fete then seem to not be visible when those who want to ask them questions walk in.

Probably just shy. Or reclusive. Neither of these qualities are ideal in those who wish to create and manage a Neighbourhood Planning Forum.

If you have any questions about the Network Wapping website you can now contact their editor as

Let our editorial team know if you ever get a reply.

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