Shadwell Basin fishing

Wandering along Shadwell Basin this morning I noticed some fishermen in action. Not knowing a thing about fish, fishing or fishermen I said ‘Hello’ and stayed to see what their catch would look like. It looked like this!

Tony and Mark with carp, Shadwell Basin
Tony and Mark with carp, Shadwell Basin

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Which is pretty impressive! Tony told me that this beautiful carp weighed around 12 pounds although they have caught carp twice this size (cue Jaws theme tune).

I had a good chat with Tony about the Basin and various Wapping wildlife things. It is heartening to meet so many people who care so much about where we live.

On seeing the carp – which would be released back into the Basin later – I understood why people like Mark and Tony spend all weekend camping out fishing.

2 thoughts on “Shadwell Basin fishing

  1. Hi Mads, yes it is good to see the Basin used for all sorts of things but I have also noticed that a minority of people are bringing in scooters – which apart from being wrong is also illegal as they have to ride them round the Basin or through the Woods to get there. I think noting down their number plates and a call to the police on 101 might be an idea? I always go for a walk around the Basin when I have time and really enjoy it. But I think we also have a problem in that a minority of people acting in an anti social manner spoil it for everyone else. There is also a problem with wildlife there that we are keeping an eye on. If you are in touch with any Residents Associations in Shadwell Basin please ask them to get in touch?



  2. Love how the basin is used for angling and weekend camping, makes the area a very nice place to live. However, recently the Shadwell angling community have started bringing in Learner drivers on scooters. It would be nice if those vehicles was left where they belong, and that the area around the basin was kept free for pedestrians, runners and cyclists. Maybe someone needs to have a quiet word with them.

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