Sarah of Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre – Wapping Hero!

Sarah of the Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre is the latest Wapping Hero.

On Tuesday one of the Egyptian Geese (who seem to be visiting Shadwell again) pushed his luck with the Shadwell Swans a little too far. No surprise there.

On being chased by the swan the Egyptian Goosey managed to get himself tangled up in some of the anglers fishing lines. At which point the swan pounced on the Egyptian Goosey.

Apparently Sarah and a colleague attended the scene of the Goosey v Swan incident in their canoes and not only shooed the swan away but also pulled the Egyptian Goosey from the water after disentangling him from the fishing lines.

Which is pretty impressive.

The Wapping Wildlife Rangers (Shadwell Division) were in attendance soon after and carried out observations on the Egyptian Goosey who took refuge on Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre pontoon. Wapping Wildlife Rangers (Green Bank Division) also attended but much later. Both Egyptian Geese seemed to be fine.

On being interviewed by Love Wapping’s Wildlife Correspondent later on Sarah shrugged off her deeds as just being something the Centre people do.

Which means she is a very cool person indeed.

Would you put yourself between an angry swan and a distressed goose?

For those of you who are unaware of what the Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre people get up to you should pop along and have a chat.

Note: Neither the Egyptian Geese or the Shadwell Swans were available for comment at the time of writing.

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