Official minutes of the first Wapping Wander

Many thanks to everyone who turned up for the first Wapping Wander today! I think there were about 10 of us which on a miserable day like today is a good start. Apologies were sent  by a number of people who had other things they needed to do – no problem see you on the next one!

Wandering was undertaken from Hermitage all the way to King Edward Memorial Park with many stops for bird identification, comment on the fact that Tobacco Dock does look derelict from the canal side and a discussion about Wapping Woods.

Apart from this we achieved or goal of having no purpose at all apart from wandering and meeting people! Wapping Wanders are about meeting people for real, none of this digital nonsense.

Next walk in three weeks?

Next walk may take place in around three weeks time maybe? Depends what people want. And a good suggestion was that maybe an evening walk would be nice during the week?

Other apologies for no shows on the Wapping Wander are below.

  • “Sorry I couldn’t be there as one is having fun with the nurses!” HRH Prince Phillip
  • “No fish? No walking.” Colin the Cormorant
  • “Hung around for three tides but couldn’t be bothered” Captain Kidd
  • “Where’s my nuts?” the Wapping Squirrel
  • “Last time I went wandering it all ended in tears” Captain Bligh (former resident)
  • “Last I went wandering I discovered Australia.” Captain Cook
  • “I didn’t believe our forecast – you mean you did?” Met Office official spokesperson
  • “Me and this Natalie wapping each other about how hot Shaun is. HAHAHAHA.” Genuine tweet. Honest.

Hopefully see you all again and many more of you too!