Network Wapping – Neighbourhood Planning forum deadline extended by Tower Hamlets Council

This was going to be a very brief post to tell you that Network Wapping is holding a meeting to be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 12th June at Pollyanna, 1 Knighten Street E1W 1PH.

I thought the title of their meeting ‘Moving forward.. consultation’ was a little optimistic as the deadline for their application was 4th June 2013. I also noticed that the content of the Network Wapping website home page had also been updated. Too little too late.

I and other people who had objected to the application by Network Wapping to become a Neighbourhood Planning forum have recently been sent emails putting the case for Network Wapping.

The email I got this morning from one of their supporters asked for a meeting with me so that he could  “vouch from my experience that organisationally it is democratic,open, and wants to be inclusive.”

Unsurprisingly I declined. This issue should be discussed in public, not in private meetings over a cosy hot chocolate.

And I couldn’t really understand the point of Network Wapping finally trying to talk to people after the 4th June deadline for their application had passed.

Anyway I hopped over to the relevant Tower Hamlets Council web page to check a date and found the following:

“Neighbourhood Planning Consultations

Application to establish a Neighbourhood Planning Forum and Area by ‘network Wapping’

The formal consultation period for the application to establish a Neighbourhood Planning Forum and Area by ‘network Wapping’ closed on 4 June 2013.

Network Wapping have asked for some time to explore issues raised in the consultation responses before the Council proceeds to determine their application.  The Council has agreed that it is appropriate for Network Wapping to take this time to discuss matters raised and have agreed to allow Network Wapping until 30 July 2013 to do this. The Council will then proceed to consider the consultation responses and formally determine the application.

Although the formal 6-week consultation period ended on 4 June 2013, given the further discussions that are to take place, the Council considers it reasonable to take any further consultation responses submitted before midnight on 30 July 2013 into account when making a decision. [My emphasis]

Any further responses submitted before that time will be given the same consideration as those submitted during the formal consultation period when the application is determined by the Council.”

Has anyone been informed of this extension?

Now unless I have been asleep for the last few days I haven’t been told about this extension. Has anyone else? Friends of St Katharine Docks? Save KEMP? Limehouse Community Forum? Anyone else who objected? Anyone at all?

What baffles me is how Tower Hamlets Council thinks that if Network Wapping have failed to consult with long established community groups over the last two years they are going to do it in the next two months?

I am also confused as to how those in power can consider that the current leadership of Network Wapping are fit to run a Neighbourhood Planning forum? Why has their application not been turned down and rejected on this basis alone?

But I now know why Network Wapping have finally thought it might be a good idea to talk to other people about their plans. Because it is in their interests to do so. No other reason than that. And certainly not in the interests of Wapping.

The good news

The only good news of course is that if you did not manage to make your views known about Network Wapping before the 4th June deadline you now have until the 30th of July. Let’s hope that deadline is not amended too.

How to make your views on Network Wapping known

Main web page link on Tower Hamlets website

Paper copies of the application material may also be inspected free of charge during office hours at the following locations:

  • Tower Hamlets Town Hall planning reception
  • Watney Market Idea Store
  • St. Georges Pools

Responses should be sent to or to:

Neighbourhood Planning Consultation
Strategic Planning – Plan Making
London Borough of Tower Hamlets
PO BOX 55739
E14 2BG

Email and phone contacts

Tel:020 7364 5367

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