London Dock Wapping – Next Consultation Dates & Community Forum Event

Oooh! More planning! How lovely!

But seriously folks the people at London Dock are having more consultations to which you are cordially invited – see below. Some people go just for the free tea and biscuits! Other people go to engage in the process which is all about the biggest development in Tower Hamlets at the moment and apparently one of the bigger (biggest) mixed use developments in London.

I still get the feeling that most Wapping residents haven’t quite realised the significance of the London Dock development. I mean it’s going to take 15 years to implement. I think it could be good for Wapping and would encourage you to get involved.

The London Dock Hybrid Planning Application was submitted on May 29th and you can view it on the Tower Hamlets site if you can find it as their stupid system won’t allow a direct link.

London Dock Invite
London Dock Invite






Saturday 29th June

11am – 4pm, Tower Hamlets Planning Officer present 3pm – 4pm

Tuesday 2nd July

1pm – 8pm, Tower Hamlets Planning Officer present 4pm – 5pm

Wednesday 3rd July

11am – 6pm, Tower Hamlets Planning Officer present 3pm – 4pm

Exhibition is in the Pennington Street Warehouse right at the end of Pennington Street.

Tower Hamlets Community Forum Debate

This should be interesting as the Tower Hamlets Planning Officers will be chairing this event which again takes place in the Pennington Street Warehouse.

Thursday 4th July

6.30pm – 8.30pm

If you need any more information then call London Dock on 0800 319 6958 or email them at:

As ever the website is here which features our very own Ray Newton in their film! Catch it before he gets invites to Hollywood.

Most of you should have got a copy of the London Dock newsletter but if you havent you can get a digital PDF version here.

3 thoughts on “London Dock Wapping – Next Consultation Dates & Community Forum Event

  1. I have been to previous events. They are well worth attending because, as Mark says, this development will have a big impact on Wapping for years to come. The earlier consultations are well documented providing a record of the views expressed and how the plans have changed as a result. This is your chance to learn more about the development and to have your say.

    London Dock have made sure that the warehouse is accessible for those with mobility issues.

    1. Well said! I think the London Dock people have been pretty good in the way they have undertaken their consultations and, as I always say, if you don’t express your views then don’t whinge later 🙂 I have emailed London Dock to double check on the accessibility. Oh and did I mention there is free tea and biscuits? 🙂

      1. Mark
        I know that it is accessible. If you go to the security hut, they arrange for you to be taken to the disabled lift at the back of the warehouse. That takes you up to the main floor. Internal access might be tight on a mobility scooter depending on its width. I found the London Dock people very helpful in getting me in and out in my power chair. And they offered to lower models on high pedestals so I could take a good look.

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