John Wright tries to film Tower Hamlets council meeting (video)

Sometimes the only way to make your point is to stand up and be counted. John Wright did just that when he attempted to film a meeting of Tower Hamlets Council this week.

I know and respect John as a local social campaigner who is a staunch supporter of the Save Kemp campaign.

Even if I didn’t know John I would still be drawing your attention to this video.

While some are prepared to stand in the background and make disapproving noises John is just not prepared to be a wallflower. It’s called democracy.

Baffled? Confused? You will be.

Many people in Tower Hamlets are interested (baffled?) by the various things we hear about what goes in Council meetings. I keep an open mind about what I hear happens as I like those fact things. Very handy. Trouble is sometimes facts are quite hard to come by.

Recently Eric Pickles, the Local Government Secretary, has reiterated the fact that journalists and citizens have the right to film council meetings.

That’s what John tried to do and you can see what happened in the video below.

I don’t think I need to say much more as the video says it all – nice work John! Maybe we should all start trying to film the meetings?

Best first hand coverage can be found here in a post by Ted Jeory here: Video: the moment a Tower Hamlets resident is told to stop filming council meeting. If you don’t follow Ted Jeory you are missing some superb journalism.

Here’s a quote from a piece by Roy Greenslade in The Guardian on what Eric Pickles has to say – doesn’t seem Tower Hamlets Council pay much attention to him.

Pickles said: “I want to stand up for the rights of journalists and taxpayers to scrutinise and challenge decisions of the state.” He continued:

“Data protection rules or health and safety should not be used to suppress reporting or a healthy dose of criticism.

Modern technology has created a new cadre of bloggers and hyper-local journalists, and councils should open their digital doors and not cling to analogue interpretations of council rules.

Councillors shouldn’t be shy about the public seeing the good work they do in championing local communities and local interests.”

Eric Pickles to councils – let the people film and tweet your meetings (The Guardian)

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3 thoughts on “John Wright tries to film Tower Hamlets council meeting (video)

  1. Sources confirmed to eastendnewsletter that long correspondence and exchanges had taken place seeking advance

    agreement from the Council. One DS staff even had asked the community member to bring their filming equipment along. Which they did. Then the DS made a physical gesture saying no.

    That was 5.30 PM yesterday Wednesday 31 July 2013.

    Wonderful people work in Tower Hamlets Council

  2. You may be interested to know that Tower Hamlets Council’s Democratic Services have refused to let filming to be made of the Cabinet Meeting held last night.

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