Fox crisis in Wapping?

The Wapping Wildlife Rangers have just returned from a late night Fox Patrol in Wapping Woods.

Late night call to Wapping Rangers Control

The Rangers were acting on a report from the Love Wapping Woods (Love Wapping Wapping Woods?) contact aka Tina who had just seen a fox in a very poorly condition in the woods with what looks like a case of fox mange. You can find out more about fox mange on the National Fox Welfare Society website.

This is worrying news as I have talked to many people recently who have noticed the absence of Mr Fox from out streets at night. Also a dead fox cub was found in the last few days. Now this. Is there a fox crisis in Wapping?

Anyway the Rangers had finished watching 24 Hours in A&E so went for a mooch round the woods. As you do.

Our Ranger could not see anything (as it was, er, dark) but will investigate further tomorrow. Or today when you read this.

Potential wildlife disaster

This may sound a little dramatic for just one fox but it seems that if fox mange is left unchecked it can wipe out all foxes in an area. Which I think would be a disaster for Wapping.

How to feed a poorly fox

It seems that the way to treat fox mange is to give the fox some homeopathic medicine in the wild. Er… how? Basically first off you (or in this case the Rangers) leave some food for the poorly fox at dusk for a few evening so it get’s used to the food and the presence of the person. Then you continue to feed it food with the homeopathic medicine.

What food? ‘Jam or honey sandwiches’ according to the fox people!

Sound like nonsense? Apparently not. The National Fox Welfare Society has been running for 20 years and is run on a completely voluntary basis and they send out fox mange treatment free of charge to whoever needs it. Impressive.

Spend a tenner. Be beastly to your colleagues.

But they obviously they need donations so if you like foxes why not click on this link here [PayPal] and donate a tenner to the National Fox Welfare Society? Or more? I mean, how much will you spend on your lunch today? And all that does is make you fat.

Making a donation can be your good deed for the day then you can be horrible to your work colleagues with a clear conscience. And yes, the more you give the more you can torment your staff. Everyone wins!

Further investigations scheduled

The Wapping Wildlife Rangers will be further investigating the situation tomorrow morning with an initial Ranger patrol scheduled between 6-7am. Thanks Paul!

And of course if you live in Wapping and don’t like foxes – move.

Joking apart we will be monitoring this very closely and may need Fox Watch volunteers. Especially those who can make a decent jam or honey sandwich.

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