First Wapping Wander 9th June

Fancy a wander? I spend a lot of time wandering around Wapping and I know other people do too so maybe we could wander in a group?

No purpose at all

In true Love Wapping style the wander will have no purpose whatsoever apart from wandering and meeting other people living in Wapping.

I am proposing meeting at 12 midday on Sunday 9th June at Hermitage Pond. (Was thinking of this weekend but weather is definitely going to be rubbish).

Following in Captain Cook’s footsteps

Route will be along the canal, through Wapping Woods and around Shadwell Basin. Captain Cook would be proud of us!

Apart from the wandering thing I thought those in the know could share with others their knowledge of local wildlife and or history. Or you can talk about football. Or shopping. Up to you.

All welcome, no fee, no nothing, just wandering. If it goes well this could be a regular thing with different routes. Or an irregular thing with the same route. Who cares? Outside is good!

Of course if in a years time you find yourself restoring dock bridges, installing nesting islands for the birds and generally making Wapping even better you only have yourselves to blame.

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